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Creating Your Universe

Creation starts from the inside out. You create your reality by your thoughts. By now you ought to be more conscious of your thoughts and thought patterns. You might even recognize when they appear, analyze them or distinguish whether it is your mind or your heart producing the thought. Your thoughts can be differentiated as positive or negative, most of the time. If you are running out of time for a meeting you can choose to think "I will never make it" or "I will make it". Other examples are "don't forget" and "remember". Practice to exchange your negative statements for positive ones. If a negative thought comes up, simply stop yourself in the thinking process and change it into one with a positive twist. Remember that everything you think and say will show up as a physical manifestation in your reality. So give it a try and get ready for some awesome surprises!

Your subconscious mind has no sense of humor, neither does it understand sarcasm, so please be cautious. If you choose to think along the lines of "I'm fat, ugly, nobody likes me" etc., then this is exactly what you will create in your life. So why not change it into "I'm beautiful and healthy, I have a healthy and fulfilling relationship" and so on. It is just as easily programmed into your subconscious mind, and you don't even have to believe it to be true for it to work. Now you can see why it is important for you to carefully choose your environment and company.

If you continuously have negative thoughts bombarding you, practice thought stopping. Every time an unwanted thought enters your mind, sharply say "no" as many times as you have to, until it stops. You can do this quietly as well as out loud. Scream if you have to.

Just as cleansing your body of waste material will change your cell structure and make you more conscious, so will your thoughts and thought patterns. Become increasingly aware of what you are thinking. Your thoughts create your reality. By changing your thoughts you will change your behavior and what you choose to think will manifest in your physical reality.

Is this important, you might ask. Does it have anything to do with loosing weight and improving health and wellbeing? Very much so! If you don't change the precursors to your poor state of health and overweight, then you will soon find that you have returned to the same condition as you were in before starting the diet. And that is not what you want - or is it? Be honest with yourself. Set aside time to mediate upon this. Find out what it is that you want to achieve by your decision to improve your health and lifestyle. Do you truly want to increase your state of wellbeing/become slimmer/live longer/sustain your state of increased consciousness? Or do you not really care about your state of health? If so, why not? What do you achieve by not being as healthy, happy, beautiful and content as you can? Are you ready to take full responsibility for your health and your life, or do you want to continue to abuse yourself?

You are truly the creator of your own universe. Your thoughts are one of the most powerful and effective tools at your disposal. Choose the thoughts and reality you want to live in. Take the opportunity to use thoughts creatively for your own good.

Play with idea of the reason for your existence. What if the only reason for you being here is to get in touch with the spirit residing within? What if you are here only to evolve spiritually and truly remember what you are made of? Set aside some time to meditate upon this.

While being on the Wellbeing Diet you will have released a lot of energy that can be used for other purposes than to just sustain your daily living. This energy can be used for emotional, physical or spiritual healing and growth. Your creativity might get a boost and you find yourself engaging in activity long forgotten about. You may find yourself creating delicious meals, by following the guidelines and menu, and allowing your imagination free reins. It will be a spontaneous process. Naturally, you can also choose to make use of the energy in other areas of interest, maybe you need a lot of energy at work or in your family situation. Keep in mind, there is nothing to do or achieve, just enjoy the process and observe changes.

Raw Food

Choose only food that is "alive" for your meals during the whole week. Avoid all processed and refined food. Remember that the food is alive and bless it while preparing your meals by giving thanks for their sacrifice to sustain your life. Handle food with care and treat it with respect. Appreciate that the food is helping and assisting you. Pay attention to the environment where you consume the food. Make sure it is relaxed and stimulating and as comfortable as possible. Avoid any kind of negative vibrations, especially while eating.


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