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Take time to nurture Yourself

1st week

You have taken a great leap towards improved health and a healthier lifestyle, by making the decision to start a I-want-to-feel-good process for your body and soul. Be proud of yourself.

The Wellbeing Diet will assist in your search for health and harmony, beauty and balance, as well as self-expression and self-consciousness. The diet will cleanse your body by releasing unnatural waste products and toxins that have been stored in your system. The effects of the cleanse might from time to time show up in the form of a headache, nausea, runny nose, or fatigue. As with any diet you might feel "off", low or even become slightly depressed. It is very important that you do not give up on these occasions. It is only after the first real cleansing that you will start to reap the true benefits of the diet. To experience a lighter you, both in a physical and spiritual sense - keep up the program! If you feel tempted to return to your old habits, beware that you are in need of the cleansing even more, if you feel the effects of the waste products leaving your system. Allow yourself to take it easy instead. Read a good book, rest, listen to your favorite music, take a walk in the park, relax under a tree in the forest, or do absolutely nothing, just breathe. Take time to nurture yourself. Do yourself a favor and make an investment in the most important person in your life - You!

If this makes you uncomfortable and leaves you feeling "selfish", realize that without you, it will be even more difficult for your family (whatever it may consist of) to function. If you instead invest in your health, and act as a role model for the people close to you, you will enrich both their lives, and your own, tremendously. You will become healthier and happier, more beautiful, and slimmer. You will find yourself in balanced and harmony with yourself and your environment. You are most likely accustomed to attend everybody else's needs before your own. Allow your welfareto be your first priority for a change.

It is more beneficial to follow through the three week program than to keep repeating the first week, which you might be tempted to do if you feel you have not followed it to the last letter. Instead, do your best with the menus, exercises, advice and guidelines, which is all you can do anyway, and experience the true results. TheWellbeing Diet is about taking a step in the direction of an improved lifestyle and health condition, simply achieving a higher state of wellbeing. It is impossible to fail the diet. In fact, you have already succeeded by making the commitment to improve your lifestyle and habits!

It is important to realize that this diet involves much more than "counting calories". The focus is also on thoughts, routines, beliefs and belief patterns, habits, life situations, and your environment, to name a few. To reap maximum benefits, increased state of wellbeing and weight loss - do all the exercises in the program. If you want to, have your photo taken, and check your weight, before you start. Make a note of it, then put it away. Prepare yourself by reading through the program week by week, so you will be clear on what it is all about. Have a good time!

© 2001

by Gunilla Hodkin


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