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Advice and Guidelines

The Wellbeing Diet consists of advice and guidelines only. The intention is to assist and support you. There are no rules, no "musts, should not, not allowed". You can do exactly as you please - the whole time! However, if you intend to reach your goal (whatever the reason for startingthe diet) - follow the guidelines.

* If you do not already have a blender, invest in a portable one since you will get the best result from
freshly made drinks.

* To assist the process, get an herbal cleanse for your inner organs from the health food store.

* The diet might act as a colon cleanse, therefore it is highly recommended to avoid laxatives while on the program.

* Take your vitamin - and mineral supplements as usual.

* Try to drink at least a gallon of water a day. Carry a bottle of water with you at all times to assure you get all the fluid you need. Make a habit of taking a sip every ten to twenty minutes.

* Have a jar of lukewarm water handy, avoid cold water. Mix some of it with lemon juice and cayenne pepper.

* It is very important that you drink enough to assist the cleansing, or you might suffer from side effects. At times, you are most likely to feel these symptoms anyway, so do yourself a favor and make it easier on yourself and your body. If you suffer from effects of the cleanse - keep drinking. If it feels as if you drink a tremendous amount this first week, remember that it helps the process of getting rid of waste products and it will be reduced over time.

* For an evening snack, let a cup of tea or a green drink be your first choice.

* Have a cup of herbal or green tea before bedtime. If preferred, have a cup of warm water instead of tea, at any time.

* Use honey instead of sugar if you need a sweetener for your tea.

* To sweeten your drinks use dates, figs or choose a different juice, fruit or yogurt.

* Exchange standard milk products for soy or rice milk. This is to avoid the medication which most milk producing animals are undergoing. You do not have to avoid all products, but try to limit their use. The most important thing is that you are becoming aware of what you consume.

* Juice your own fruit and vegetables. A lot of the ready made products are too old, and have therefore lost some of their potential. Make sure all the products you use are as fresh as possible.

* Avoid juices with added vitamins and sugar.

* Do not use the scale, at least not for the first ten days. The initial changes will show in other ways than just weight loss.

* Wear loosely fitted clothing. Your body might have a tendency to hold onto the energies the first few days, and you might even feel a bit bloated- fear not!

* Avoid attention about your change of lifestyle from the environment. People might not react as you would like them to. If your behavior receives a lot of attention, simply say that you are improving your health and lifestyle, and refer them to the website if they want to know more about the diet. Avoid wasting energy on defending yourself and your behavior.

* It is a very private process to nurture yourself, give yourself the right to keep it that way. Avoid having people intruding your personal space, be aware of your boundaries. Remember, you have no obligation to let anyone read your program or your journal.

* Do things that inspire you; read a good book about health, engage in activities that stimulate your senses, be creative. It will assist in the process, and make you more content.

* Treat yourself to a quiet evening, i.e. hot bath with aromatic oils, candles, and soothing music. Relax in whatever way you find satisfying.

* Enjoy stimulating company, i.e. your own, without being distracted by TV, radio, and telephones.

* Take time-out. Give yourselftime and space in order for the changes in your body to take place. Tune in - and live out. Make a habit of listening to your body and acting on it.

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