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Guidelines (cont'd)

Here are some guidelines and suggestions of activities that will make it easier for you to stick to the changes in lifestyle, and enrich it even further. If you already adhere to some or many of this suggestions, add some new ones of your own. Be creative and use your unlimited imagination. Choose some of them, integrate them into your daily life, and make a difference. Remember that you will benefit first when you actively engage yourself in the activities.

Buy organic food
Avoid hybrid food
Cut down on meat consumption
Buy local food instead of food that demands a lot of energy to get to your table, e.g. imported Bring your own bags to the supermarket
Donate some of your time for a cause you feel strongly about
Support an organization that care for the environment, animals or children Live with integrity
Recycle your garbage
Compost your garbage
Save energy where you can
Save water
Plant a tree
Feed the birds, especially in the winter time
Create a fantasy day for yourself and do things that you always dreamed of doing

17 - Well Being Diet