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Before you start your exercises, make sure you prepare so you will be undisturbed. Unhook the phone, close the door, let people know that you will need some privacy and will be unavailable. Make yourself comfortable, you may sit or lie down. Perform at least one exercise a day, preferably, combine two of them every day. You'll get the best result if you start with a relaxation/breathing exercise, followed by meditation. Perform your exercises every day.

Exercise 1: Relaxation (1)

To be performed at some stage during the day, which is compatible with your schedule, preferably before a meal. You might want to use earplugs and a blindfold, or a Walkman with soothing and relaxing music. Before you start, make sure you are comfortable, and will be for awhile, avoid being disrupted because you get uncomfortable. Put a pillow under your knees if you are lying down, cover yourself with a blanket. Relax. Contract your face muscles for 10-15 seconds. Experience the sensation. Relax, and notice how the same muscles feel in a relaxed condition. Become aware of the difference. Screen your whole body like this. Systematically move through your body from head to toe. Repeat to yourself "body relax, I am relaxed, my body is completely relaxed, I am now completely relaxed". Remain in this state of complete relaxation and focus your awareness on your breath. Breath in and out, softly and deeply. Imagine your breath being liquid, smoothly flowing, in and out, in and out. Keep breathing like this for 10 minutes. If your thoughts start to wander, realize that you have no obligation to follow them. Just monitor your thoughts, and let them be. Return to your breath, in out, in out.
Experience the sensation of your breath, filling your body to the brim. Notice any differences in your body without doing anything about it, simply become aware.

Slowly return to the room, move your fingers and toes, legs and arms. Remain in this relaxed state for another 5 minutes before you get up. Remember what the feeling of complete relaxation feels like. Preserve it within you and keep it for the rest of the day. Whenever your day gets busy and you feel stressed, return to that sensation of complete relaxation.

If you have difficulty remembering the steps or if you have a tendency to fall asleep during the exercise; record it and listen to the tape.

Exercise 2: Relaxation (1) and Breathing (1)

Perform exercise 1 and add the following breathing exercise:
Focus on your breathing. Take a deep breath through your nose. Start expanding your chest like a child (up and out), keep expanding your chest, drawing in more and more air, finally pull up your shoulders and complete the breath. Breathe out through your mouth. Imagine how you breathe in nurturing life support, and breathe out by using a little bit more force than you would normally do. Imagine how you dispose of stagnated energy, unwanted thoughts, habits and pains. Repeat 20 times, then breathe normally and relaxed for a few minutes before you repeat the exercise. Focus only on your breath. Remain a few minutes in this state of relaxation before you get up. Make a note in your journal of what you have experienced during the day and during the exercise.

Exercise 3: Meditation (1), to be added to exercise 1 or 2

Imagine yourself walking, it might be on the beach, in a lush, green forest, or down the street. You can make out, that far away in the distance, somebody is approaching you. As you get closer you see that it is a person of the same gender as you. Dress him/her in clothing you find appealing. Give the person the length, size, curves, muscles, breasts, legs etc that you would like to have yourself. Notice how the woman/man is radiating health and beauty. She/he walks light and happily. You are now so close that you can see the face. It radiates health, freshness, love, joy and complete harmony. You now realize that it is You that you have met. Notice how this new version of you moves and acts, what he/she looks like. Admire the healthy, beautiful you, enjoying balance and harmony, joy and light. Admire the healthy outlook, the slim figure, the perfect body image. Dwell in joy and happiness that surrounds both of you as you are interacting. Stay here as long as you want. Slowly return to the room when you are ready. Make sure that you visit the new you at least twice a week, each time adding new attributes to the already perfect model. Write down how you experienced this version of you and what it felt like.

Exercise 4: Breathing exercise (2)

Focus on your breathing. Take a deep breathe through your nose. Start expanding your chest like a child (up and out), keep expanding your chest, drawing in more and more air, finally pull up your shoulders and complete the breath. Breathe out through your mouth. Imagine how you breath in nurturing life support, and breathe out by using a little bit more force than you would normally do. Imagine how you dispose of stagnated energy, unwanted thoughts, habits and pains. Repeat 20 times, then breathe normally and relaxed for a few minutes before you repeat the exercise and add the following (2).

When you have expanded your chest as much as you can with your breath, hold your breath for the count of three, then dispose of the air through your mouth. Draw up your stomach to squeeze out the last of your breath. Repeat 20 times, then breathe normally for a few minutes. Focus only on your breath. Breathe in and out, in and out. Remain for a few minutes in this completely relaxed state before you get up. Write about your experiences in your journal.

Exercise 5: Meditation (2)

Repeat meditation exercise 3 (meditation) and add the following:
when you meet with the healthy, happy version of you, she/he has some good news to tell you. Something he/she has longed for has finally come true. Try not to put words in his/her mouth. Empty yourself of thoughts and emotions. The first thought that enters your mind, that is what he/she wants to tell about. What is it? Meditate on the news. What does it feel like? How will this revelation impact, and possibly change your life? Experience your reactions, feel your emotions. Is it something that you wish to have in your life?

Write it in your journal.

Exercise 6: Release tension

When in a state of tension, your whole organism will be contracted. Pay attention to how you are cramped up. During the course of the day, stop whatever you are doing and pay conscious attention to how you are using your muscles and what state you are in, physically and psychologically. Make a habit of checking in with yourself, every hour for example, to find out your state of tension. Start from the head and work yourself down. You will notice how a lot of muscles that are not in use will be in a state of tension. Calmly instruct these muscles to relax and let go of all tension. Feel how the tension leaves your body. By performing this exercise regularly you can change the habit of contracting your muscles when they are not in use.

Exercise 7: Energy Exercises and Stretching

Make a habit of stretching at any given opportunity or introduce some yoga exercises into your daily life. Stretching assists in the release of tension,unties knots of contracted and stuck energy. It opens up and increases the natural flow of energy through you. Stretch and expand whenever you have a minute (or less). Move your arms and legs, back and chest, fingers, neck etc. Experience the energy flowing. Make circular movements with your hips, arms, hands, legs and feet.

Exercises 8: Energy Meditation (3)

Before you start your meditation, put a crystal (or some other stone) within arms length. Also have a plant close enough for you to reach it by extending your arm. After your relaxation and breathing exercise, go into a silent, peaceful meditation, while focusing on your breath. When you feel ready and find yourself in light trance/deep relaxation, reach for the crystal. Take it in your left hand and let it rest there as long as you want. Experience the vibrations from the crystal, feel the living energy from the stone, pulsing through the universe. Repeat the exercise with the plant. Realize how alive these items are.

Exercise 9: Light Meditation (4)

During your meditation, imagine a bright, white light surrounding you. Imagine it enveloping your whole being, penetrating every cell. Imagine yourself in complete, white, loving light. Experience the warmth and comfort. Breathe in light with every breath. Visualize it filling you from the inside with every breath of air. Imagine that you are white light.

Exercise 10: Meditation (5)

Close your eyes and breathe slowly and deeply through your nose. Count from 5 to 1 and repeat every number three times while you visualize it in your minds eye. When you reach 1, say to yourself "I am now deeply relaxed and feel better than ever". Continue breathing deeply and start counting from 10 to 1. Count from 10 to 1 and repeat every number three times while you visualize it in your minds eye. Breathe out when you mentally note which number you are on. At number 1 you will feel very light. Be aware of the changes taking place in your body, both emotionally, mentally, and physically. Repeat to yourself "I am now completely relaxed, my senses are completely relaxed and I am using them for creative purposes". Rest here for as long as you want.

When you are ready, move your awareness to your feet. Take a deep breath and contract your feet as much as you can. Hold your breath for the count of three. Release your breath and relax your feet. Repeat this exercise through your whole body. Finish by contracting your whole body, hold your breath, then forcefully dispose of yourbreath through the mouth and let go and relax completely. Experience how your are vibrating and feel the energy moving through you. Let your thoughts pass by without attaching to them, focus on your breath. Place your awareness on your third eye (the point between your eyebrows), imagine a peaceful, sacred haven, bathing in beauty and harmony. It can be a physical place or a place you only visit while in meditation. When in this peaceful place, mentally re-evaluate yourself. Affirm "I am now full of self confidence", "I am lovable", or whatever you find appropriate. Stay in this place as long as you want. Return to the room at your own pace. Write down your experiences from the meditation.

Exercise 11: Complete Breathing (3)

By exercising complete breathing, you keep the energy at a continuous flow through your body. It will prevent the energy from stagnating and therefore eliminate conditions of disease. This exercise will also stimulate your chakras and keep you healthier on all levels.

Sit comfortably with erect back and your feet firmly placed on the ground. Place your right hand on your stomach below your solar plexus. It will assist you in feeling the rhythm of your breath and facilitate the process. Close your eyes if it makes it easier to relax. Take a deep breath and fill the lower part of your lunges. Allow your right hand to feel the extension of your stomach. Fill the upper part of your chest, pull up your shoulders and extend your chest. If you experience discomfort between your shoulderblades it is an indication of unused muscles. Continue to draw the breath through your nose and head until you experience a comfortable state of lightness of being.
Reverse the process when you dispose of your breath. Empty your head first, and continue down. Squeeze out the last air by sucking your stomach in by pressing it towards your spine. Avoid holding your breath during any stage of the exercise, allow it to flow smoothly. Exercise the complete breathing for 5 minutes. Try to perform this exercise every day.

As a variation on the above exercise, imagine the air being liquid energy, gently flowing in and penetrating every cell of your being.

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