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The Psychology behind Overweight

Health and weight is intimately connected with your psychological, emotional, and spiritual state. For example, overweight can be a symptom of many different conditions. You might have used excess weight as protection, like insulation. Maybe you have used weight as a way of not allowing yourself to be as beautiful and attractive as you are because you do not desire the attention you might get from people. Or you might have used it as a way of abusing yourself, not believing that you deserve love, attention, affection and care. Remember, this beliefs are just that - beliefs. You have been conditioned to belief this, it does not by any means indicate that this is in fact the truth! Keep this in mind, at all times. If you are ready for it, ask yourself why you are overweight and in less than optimal health? Set aside some time to meditate upon this.

With every pound that comes off, there will be a psychological effort and effect as well. Every pound comes with a psychological condition, hang up, or belief. If you are not ready to let go of that particular condition, the weight will not come off. Or it will come off easily, but will pile on as soon as it is off. If you are not ready to let go off the psychological condition, your weight will not change long term. You might have discovered during your meditations how there might be some resistance within you to let go of some of your poor health habits, excess weight, and old beliefs. That is why it is so important that you give yourself enough time and patience. It is a process and it will take the time it takes. If you are not ready to tackle the underlining reason for your weight and health condition, your condition will not change. This does not have to be a conscious process, just allow for issues to come up as they do.

There is no reason to force yourself. In fact, you are probably better of releasing some of the pressure you are already putting on yourself. Along with your improved state of wellbeing, these issues will surface whenever it is the right time. It is an unconscious process and demands no conscious effort, so be compassionate with yourself.
Keep in mind that you do the best you can with the tools that you have at present. Increase your tools and you might be able to handle the situation differently.

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