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The Cleansing


Your body is constantly renewing itself by exchanging old and damaged tissues and cells with new material. A lot of this is done in biological stages.

With less waste products in your system you will become more sensitive and conscious. You will start to spontaneously cleanse when you have eaten something that does not agree with you. It might show as symptoms of a cold or diarrhea. Learn to respond to your body and become aware of what it wants, and you will greatly increase your state of wellbeing and stay healthier.

Your body is very wise and desires to function free from disease and in a healthy condition. Eat high quality foods, enjoy fresh air and (some) sunshine, drink pure water, exercise, rest, and disturb it as little as possible otherwise. As you become more in tune, you will intuitively know what you need and what makes you feel good.

There is 4.5 liters of blood and 18 liters of lymphatic fluid in the body. The bloods gets thinner when you eat food rich in enzymes, and by fasting. By eating raw foods you start a spontaneous cleanse, which takes place when the blood becomes thinner than the lymph fluid. It allows toxins, chemicals and unwanted waste material that have been trapped in the lymphatic fluid to be released in the blood for detox.

As a result you might experience symptoms like headache, runny nose, fever, dizziness, high blood pressure, body odour, excema, diarrhea, depression, and the recurrence of old ailments. This is the time to take it easy, support and nurture yourself, and allow for the process to work without interfering.

* During the cleanse all your respiratory organs will be used in the detox (i.e. intestines, sinuses, mouth, the skin and kidneys).

* Keep an eye on the color of your urine, it reflects the state of your blood.

* Headache is the body's strongest indication of intoxication. The toxins have increased to the level of irritating the brain and nerves while circulating. Try a brisk run for ten minutes and drink plenty of water afterwards. Make a habit of drinking plenty of water every day. It will prevent headaches and the release of too many toxins in your blood.

* Exercise is an excellent way of removing toxins from the blood.

* If you suffer stomach upset and diarrhea, refrain from eating till your stomach has settled.

* Healing of your body starts from the inside and out, and from the head and down.

* Most toxins are the result of medication. When released they might cause excema, aches and pains when leaving your body, or cause symptoms of the problems you were trying to avoid in the first place.

* Anxiety and emotional instability are common when caffeine and nicotine are cleansed out. Both harm the nervous system and symptoms of headache, migraine, mental shut down, irritation might exist temporarily, but will cease after abstaining for 7-10 days.

* If you have consumed a lot of salt you might experience a salty taste in your mouth.

* Sugar is very addictive and anxiety, depression, hyperactivity and mood changes are possible side effects.

* Almost everyone have heavy metals stored in organs and skeleton/bones. They are difficult to get rid of because of their heavy weight. You can experience headache, pain in kidneys and gums as well as a general overall ache.


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