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Developing Awareness

Beware of the signals your body is indicating. Do you need more intake? Are you hungry? Or is it something else that triggers the signals? Get into the habit of differentiating between hunger, boredom, sorrow, misery, longing, passing time, habit, relaxation, reward, motivation, and so on.

Most people eat because they think they are hungry, and respond as if the body needs fuel. Signals can be misinterpreted as hunger due to many years of habit and conditioning. For example, if a child starts to use food as a substitute for protection, whenever the child feels any kind of anxiety in fear of being abandoned, the child eats something. As years go by the child's system starts interpreting anxiety as "hunger signals". Anxiety has nothing to do with hunger, but conditioning might have intervened the two, so that it is interpreted as such. When you are heading for the cupboard - are you really hungry? Most of the time when your body signals hunger it craves fluid, so get a glass of water instead and wait twenty minutes to determine if you still are hungry before acting.

Allow water to be your first choice of liquid. Most of the time when your body will be signaling for food, it simply needs water. Remember that your body will reach its balance in due time. Give yourself the time it takes. You have probably been out of balance for years, so be patient.

If you are hungry or suffer from the side effects; keep drinking lemon water, fruit juices and green drinks. If you have followed the program but still need more to satisfy your hunger; keep drinking, make more soups and salads. You are not supposed to be hungry or discontent. However, make a note in your journal of why you crave this extra intake of food.

Learn how to feel good -
and get used to the feeling!

What can appear to be minor changes from your current lifestyle, can have the outmost positive impact on your health and lifestyle. You are programmed to look at the visible signs of improved health and weight loss only, while there are several changes taking place on other levels as well.

Your state of health comes from the inside out, and disease acts in reverse order. Your energy bodies, of which your physical body temple is the most dense, will be affected from the outside and in, in the case of disease. Your more subtle energy fields can be viewed by people with a trained eye for reading auras. They can see in your aura what kind of disease you might suffer from in the future, unless you take precautions by changing your lifestyle, diet, habits, thoughts and belief patterns. Try some energetic body work that will release and stimulate your energy and health (e.g. Reiki, osteopathy, bio energy, massage, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, yoga), to assist in thehealing of yourself, and to allow the waste products to be flushed out. Most states of disease can be avoided by having a free flow of energy throughout your system. Disease takes place when energy stagnates.

Body and breathing exercises

Walk for half an hour twice during the week. Walk at your own pace in a soothing and stimulating environment. Enjoy the seasons and experience your surrounding with all your senses. Breathe long and deeply through your nose.

A thought to bring with you on your walk....

There is a theory that we have not been allotted a certain amount of years to live, but a certain amount of breaths. Breath is life, if you breathe only partly - you live only partly. The way you breathe will affect your physical and spiritual health, and the length and quality of your life. If you breathe fast and irregularly, your body and soul will become tense and anxious. Deep and rhythmical breathing will release tension, decrease anxiety and increase your concentration and control of senses. Breathing is living.

Other exercises

You will get a detailed description of relaxation and meditation exercises. Make a habit of performing two of them daily, e.g. start with a relaxation exercise and follow up with a meditation. Use each one of the exercises at least twice during this first week.

Write in your journal every day, even if it is only a few notes. The important thing is not how much you write, or what you write, but that you do write. As an exercise, state your intention for starting the Wellbeing Diet. The first or secone day, state your intent with the Wellbeing Movement. How do you want to improve your life and lifestyle? How do you see yourself three weeks from now.

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