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Release Your Energy

2nd week

You will be using the same menu and exercises from last week. Continue with the shopping list as your guideline. You will receive two more exercises for releasing tension, to incorporate into your daily schedule, and more recipes for soups and drinks. If you need to, read through the program from last week to refresh your memory of the basic procedures.

You are on your way!

At this stage you might have felt some side effects of the cleanse - remember to keep drinking, especially water. You may also feel differently, possibly lighter and with an increased state of wellbeing as a result of unnecessary waste products leaving your body. You can read more about the cleansing process in this weeks program.


Be aware of the signals. Listen to your body, tune in. Notice changes. Slow down. Take time-out. Allow your body time and space to readjust. Get used to the feeling of increased wellbeing. Just being is perfect. Practice allowing yourself to be more sensitive and intuitive.

Raw food

While you are on the diet you will mainly live on raw food. By concentrating your food intake on ingredients with potential life force, you will optimize your energy intake. Food with potential life force aree.g. sprouts, grains, seeds, kernels, fruits, vegetables, and juice. Imagine how much energy there is in this kind of food! It is capable of giving birthto new life, in comparison with 'dead' food; which has been cooked, fried or preserved. Become increasingly aware of the difference as you chose your meals. Whether you act on it or not at this stage is up to you.

* It is easier for your body to make use of unprocessed food and the life force will express itself in you as energy. Make sure to get as much potential life force as possible through your energy intake. Eat as much raw foods as possible (food near its natural condition). All food should be as natural as digestion allows.

* * Enzymes and nutrition get destroyed at 110 degrees Fahrenheit/45 degrees Celsius. Food can cause damage as well as contribute to your welfare. Food of low vitality can undermine your vitality, physical and emotional health, as well as decrease the immune resistance and defense mechanisms of your body.

* * Refined sugar products, coffee, and alcoholic drinks will drain you of life source in the long run.

* Reduce your intake of red meat, fish, and fowl. Instead, get your protein from beans, nuts, tofu, soy, avocado, vegetables and other high quality sources. If your body has to deal with a lot of meat, processed, and refined foods, it will use a lot of energy to take care of the waste products. The energy received by the food will be busy cleansing your system of toxins and waste products, and to break down the food, instead of being readily available as energy to be used in creative and constructive ways. Your body might be forced to use resources from other
sources and this can drain you. Your strength, vitality, and stamina will decrease and your brain will function with less efficiency.

Live on minimum food,small portions of light food will give you the essential nutrition and energy. The energy will be readily available for activating forces that you normally will not have enough energy for (your emotional and spiritual health for instance), instead of being tied up. Existing theories claim that the less you eat, the better you feel (as long as the food is of high quality), and the more homogenous your diet, the easier it is for your body to break it down.

7 - Well Being Diet