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Second Weekend


Choose between eating as normal, to follow the diet or a combination of the two. You can also go on a fast, by choosing only drinks and soups from the menu for the weekend. Allow your state of wellbeing and intention to decide. Do whatever feels right. Become increasingly aware of your behavior and habits. Are you eating/drinking due to old habit or do you really need it? Listen to your body, your self. Continue with the herbal cleanse, lemon water and the herbal/green teas. Allow time and space for your exercises. Write in your journal about your week. Please do not hesitate to send an email, if you would like to share your experiences and thoughts, or if you have any questions.

Exercise 6: Release tension

When in a state of tension, your whole organism will be contracted. Pay attention to how you are cramped up. During the course of the day, stop whatever you are doing and pay conscious attention to how you are using your muscles and what state you are in, physically and psychologically. Make a habit of checking in with yourself, every hour for example, to find out your state of tension. Start from the head and work yourself down. You will notice how a lot of muscles that are not in use will be in a state of tension. Calmly instruct these muscles to relax and let go of all tension. Feel how the tension leaves your body. By performing this exercise regularly you can change the habit of contracting your muscles when they are not in use.

Exercise 7: Energy Exercises and Stretching

Make a habit of stretching at any given opportunity or introduce some yoga exercises into your daily life. Stretching assists in the release of tension,unties knots of contracted and stuck energy. It opens up and increases the natural flow of energy through you. Stretch and expand whenever you have a minute (or less). Move your arms and legs, back and chest, fingers, neck etc. Experience the energy flowing. Make circular movements with your hips, arms, hands, legs and feet.

9 - Well Being Diet