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Green drinks:
2-5 leaves of lettuce or green leafy vegetables
1 celery stalk
2 inches of cucumber
1-2 cups fruit juice
1 dl coconut milk
apple or banana


head of broccoli
1-2 cups of fruit juice and or soy/rice milk
banana (or some other fruit)
3 dates

Or mix your own favorite: green vegetables, 1-2 cups liquid, fruit, and oil.

You can also make yourself a soup for lunch. Either carefully heat your green drink on low heat (you might want to reduce the fruit juice), or make a soup of:

1-2 cups of tomato juice

fresh salad or vegetables
cup soy milk and/or coconut milk
fresh herbs
lemon juice
cayenne pepper
salt and pepper

Do not heat over 45 degrees Celsius/110 Fahrenheit, youwant to preserve the nutrients and enzymes.

1/3 banana
10-20 strawberries
1-2 cups of milk alternative
optional: fruit juice

1 kiwi fruit
1 cup milk alt.
1 cup fruit juice

1-2 cups milk alt.

Chocolate milk alt.(warm or cold), with or without banana (or some other fruit).

On-the-go- alternative; eat or drink :

1 cup yogurt
1 handful sultanas and pumpkin/sunflower seeds
(1 cup fruit juice)



Choose from the following list:

Green drink

Soup of your choice; either make your own "alive soup", or heat fast food but add vegetables of your choice, or heat a green drink.
Salad with vegetables of your choice. Add seeds, nuts, dried and fresh fruit, and sprouts. Skip the dressing unless you make your own of yogurt, onion, mustard, spices, 1 table spoon of oil etc. Omelet with a salad Fried tofu and vegetables of your choice

You can have anything you desire, but try to choose from the list first and let it have a first chance of bringing you satisfaction. If you really want something else, make sure you make a note of why you are craving it, and why you are giving in to the craving. Avoid heavier foods and eat earlier rather than late.

6 - Well Being Diet