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Allow Yourself to be who
You Truly Are

3rd week

Review the material from previous weeks if you need to. You will need a certain amount of repetitions to be able to remember the material. It isa new way of living, being, and relating to yourself. You will review your way of eating, acting, staying healthy and stress free. The more repetitions, the more you will use the new circuits in your brain and they become easier to access.

This is your third and last week and you will have much more freedom when making your choices. Eat and drink as little (or as much) as you want. By now you are more accustomed to listen to the signals and the needs of your body. Continue with the herbal cleanse and the lemon water.

Have you noticed any changes in your lifestyle? How food taste differently? How good you feel? How much more energy you have? How you seem to need less sleep? Have you paid attention to how it has happened with minimal effort? A lot of waste products will be out of your system by now, but if you still suffer from effects of the cleanse, keep taking it easy and allow time out. Keep nurturing yourself by honoring your body.

Remain true to yourself and be supportive of your chosen lifestyle, even if you find that your environment is non supportive of your decision to take better care of yourself. Your health, happiness and state of wellbeing is as important as anyone else's. You might be perceived as a threat because you have rearranged your priorities. You will have undergone changes while on the Wellbeing Dietand the people close to you will have to do the same - if everything will remain the same. Humans live in fear of changes, fear of losing carefully monitored control. Remember, there is nothing to be afraid of. Follow your heart, your innermost voice, listen to your intuition, and everything will be alright. Only you are able to change your ways of viewing yourself, the world, and others. Everyone will have to do it for themselves, so refrain from the temptation of trying to change other people.

Increase your knowledge, broaden your views, accept yourself for whom you truly are. Treat everybody with respect and accept others for who they are. Have the courage to be who you truly are. The you who will emerge when you have peeled off all the layers of conditioning you have undergone throughout your lifetime.

Find out your own truth. Support and nurture yourself. Be your own best friend. Live with integrity. Find your heart and you will be able to do live in harmony with yourself. Stand up for yourself, for what you feel, think, want, know - keep the pressure and opposing demands at bay. Follow your heart, your inner knowing.

Journal Exercise
If you once out of ten (or a hundred) occasions give in to something you do not want - you have strengthen the likelihood of that behavior recurring by strongly reinforcing it.
Write down five situations where you feel uncomfortable or awkward. It can be situations where you are asked to compromise your moral and ethics, when you are being asked to do something that conflicts with your inner truth. For example, trying to live up to pressure and demands, from yourself or others, that does not resonate with your inner feeling.
*Write down the actual situation and your spontaneous feeling and reaction to it. *Describe in detail how you ideally would like the situation to unfold.
*Visualize your ideal solution to the situation. Visualize in detail what you say and how you act. How
do you feel now? Are you still awkward or uncomfortable? Keep up the exercise until you feel a sense
of peace and contentment. That is the situation you want to recreate.

* Enjoy the feeling of peace. Realize that you have the right and possibility to experience this feeling all the time.

By learning to trust your intuition and following your heart, you can experience this feeling the whole time.

Tune into your own inner truth and live by it. Support and encourage yourself. Remember that it is your rightto feel good. Make an effort to get to know who you really are and what you want. Find your stand pointand act on it. The Wellbeing Dietwill assist you in finding this place by the food you eat, the exercises and the program. It all works to increase your sensitivity so you will be able to be more in tune with your own being. Start acting from conviction, see it as a practice. Become increasingly aware of how you act, behave, feel, think, and say. Allow time for both yourself and your environment to get accustomed to the new you.

Only dead fish swim downstream...

Your new exercises for the week is to practice supporting yourself, your thoughts and feelings, and to carefully choose your environment. If your energy level or enthusiasm decreases in a certain company or situation, remove yourself from the environment. Make sure you avoid negative conversations, gossip or bad news. Keep yourself on as high energy frequency as possible during the whole week. Avoid reading newspapers, watching television, and listening to the radio. Remember - it is only for a week. Just give yourself the opportunity to feel the effects of it.


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