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The First Weekend

Return to your normal food habits this weekend, but continue with the herbal cleanse, lemon water and herbal/green teas. Estimate the week that passed. How was it? How do you feel? Was it difficult/hard/ fun/easy/ stimulating/different? What worked really well/not so good? Make a note in your journal. Describe your reaction towards the food. Are there certain things that you crave, avoid or that taste differently? Make use of your increased energy level and give yourself a treat during the weekend.

Mentally check in with yourself, say at 9am, 3pm and 9pm, and find out how you feel, and write it in your journal. Only you should have access to your journal, so be honest with yourself.

Allow time for your relaxation and meditation exercises. Get up early if you need too. Make sure that you will be undisturbed.

Shopping list for the 1st week

The list is only a guide, if there are certain products that you are allergic to or disagree with, get something equivalent. However, be open to try products you might not be accustomed to. The keywords are "tune in". Understand why, and find out why you want/do not want to try certain products. Are you prejudiced, do you have bad experiences, negative/positive associations? Make a note in your journal.

Miracles do take place when the body is back in balance. Food allergies have disappeared, cravings for coffee and cigarettes have vanished. So be prepared to try some new foods and be surprised, but remember, that in the end, your health is your responsibility.

You will invest in a lot of basic foods this week, but most of it will last for some time. The amount you eat will also decrease during the program so this will not be an average cost per week.

A herbal cleanse for your inner organs
vitamins and minerals
1-2 liters of tomato or vegetable juice
1 liter of carrot juice
1 liter of Spirulina juice
2-3 liters of soy or rice milk
1 liter of chocolate flavored soy milk
1 liter yogurt (low in fat)
at least 4 liters of fruit juices of your choice
1 can of coconut milk (to mix with any drink for smoother effect)

wheat germ
flax seeds
sunflower seeds
pumpkin seeds
raisons or sultanas
raw nuts

3-4 heads of lettuce or green leafy vegetables
1 cucumber
2 avocados
2 heads of broccoli
2-3 different sprouts
fresh herbs
vegetables of your choice

3-5 lemons or lemon juice without additives
5 bananas
5 apples
3-4 kiwi fruits
4 peaches, nectarines or apricots
fruits of your choice

tofu; to add to any meal; soup, omelet, pasta, salad etc.
protein powder
high quality oilto add to drinks (2-3 teaspoons a day), wheat germ-, flax seed-, virgin olive-, hemp-, sesame seeds-, or fish oil

Spirulina powder or equivalent
cayenne pepper
herbal and green teas

a journal for personal reflections (to be used for this program, and purpose only)


Vegetable stock soups (if you do not find the time to make your own)
eggs and cottage cheese; if you allow dairy products in your diet


4 - Well Being Diet