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"I dedicate this page
to my good friend and writer,
El Sayed Hafez
from Egypt."

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Author's Art Gallery
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Adult Plays

In order to view these 8 documents as Arabic web pages, I recommend
you go here: El Sayed Hafez in Arabic
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Egypt: a Musical Voyage

In English

Music At Noon
Sinbad Travels the Land
Two Women

Children's Plays

Goha's Children
Safrout in the Forest
The Show Singing Play

Comic Plays

Gulf War
(Act 1) (Act 2)

Zobida, King of the Garbage Collectors

Arabic Poems

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Assalaam 'Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuhu!!

(Peace Be Unto You)

As-salaam : Sources of Peace

Peace is like “being on a beach with sunshine and eating dairy milk white chocolate”;
or “seeing white light with eyes closed and listening to the sound of water”.
It's about “reading the Ayah and singing the Naats or being all quiet with no wars and
everyone being nice to each other”.

Its about having “Barbie dolls instead of military soldiers, Barbie cars instead
of military tanks and, magic wands and roses without thorns instead of guns”.

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