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A Book about the research for the epic story in the child's
Theatre in Kuwait

"I dedicate this page to my good friend,

El Sayed Hafez ."

(Go here for more work by this gifted writer.)

the appearance and disappearance Abu zer Al Ghaffari The journies of Ebn Basbosa Love concert

My beloved I'm leaving Goha's sons Hemdan and mesHmesha Echos of the Past

The Holy Koran

Jew's Mallow (Melokhia)
Princess Hab Al-Roman and Khirazan The story of the peasant Abd Al-moutee

The age of the word / lies / fear / death Pride of Silliness in the countries of meaningless Cinderella and the prince

A research in the poetic Language in the theater of Al Sayed Six men in a detention camp Trees sometimes bend

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