Tonkawas: (standing left to right) Winnie Richards, 
John Rush Buffalo, William Stevens, John Allen, 
Mary Richards; (seated left to right) John Williams, 
Chief Grant Richards, Sherman Miles.


"Tonkawa means, "the people of the Wolf". The Tonkawa claimed they were all descended from a mythical wolf. For this reason the Tonkawa would never kill a wolf." *

The Tonkawa Tribe of Oklahaoma includes within their membership "...the only surviving Karankawas (a coastal tribe from Texas) and a number of people of Lipan ancestry." the Tonkawa are located near the town of the same name in Oklahoma, and hold a powwow each year in June. They have also held educational workshops in Austin, Port Lavaca, and other Texas cities, where the Tonkawa were originally from.

*The Tonkawa Indians
by R. E. Moore,
(Best Site about Tonkawa People, with maps)

Anglo and Native American Confrontations
(Brazoria County Historical Museum - TX)
The Tonkawa Nation
Handbook of Texas Online: Tonkawa Indians

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