Native Youth Councils

By: Toby L. DeCoteau, Wa Wil' Ked

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To: All Adult Tribal Councils
Parents, Youth, All Native People

My Homies,

I am a full blood 19 years of age male. I have a lot of love for you; all my brothers and sisters. It hurts me to see today. All the warriors, YOU, that live today. Thugs that had no other choice; the one's having a hard time staying straight. I want to start a drop in changing for the better for all youth. You are the leaders of now. You are leading the way today.

The thugs are leading us into certain doom for all our people and the Leaders that are willing to step up and help me change the future of us as a people. I have a vision of being able to step onto any rez and be greeted with the love and respect that I have for all of you, and the same for any other brother or sister. I believe the way to make this change is to start a youth council on each reservation. Have weekly meetings to deal with the main problems of youth today whatever it may be:

gangbanging, drugs, alcohol, and pre-mature sex.

Have Monthly meetings with neighboring tribes, and BI-Monthly Meetings with all western tribes. Maybe even Quarterly to BI-Yearly Meetings with all Washington State Tribes.


Respectfully Yours,

Toby L. DeCoteau, Wa Wil' Ked

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Compiled by: Glenn Welker

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