Native Friend

I am still here
My Native friend
You and I till the end.

The unclean came on tamed hooves
Took our lives
Left our carcasses for the wolves.

Slaughtering us all
The rivers ran red
Too many to count
Too many to bury, left dead.

Once intent
They came to take this land away
Our beliefs, stood in their faces
Our spirits will show the way.

Now my Native friend
I've come to say
We've walked together then and now
Forever we'll stay.

Our journey is not yet through
Until they learn to do, what they ought not to do.

Our pledge to the Earth and spirits above
Our message is love..carries on the wings
Of a dove.

Native friend stand beside me firm and tall
Stand together we shall not fall.

Copyright © 1999

by Dan Bishop


Last Updated: April 26, 1999