Ken Edwards

Ken Edwards


    Ken "Rainbow Cougar" Edwards is a member of the Colville Confederated Tribes from Washington State. He graduated from tke Institute of American Indian Arts High School in Santa Fe, New Mexico and also has an Associate of Fine Arts Degree from
    IAIA (Institute of American Indian Arts).

Ken works with a wide variety of media: predominantly watercolor, acrylic and pen and ink An additional talent is that of a storyteller, Comedian and oral historian. Ken traveled to over 76 Indian Reservations and memorized more than one thousand stories from as far north as Barrow, Alaska to as far south as Florida.

Ken's artwork has been exhibited and sold in fine art shows all over the United States. He has received several top awards at major shows. He has recently illustrated two books - "The Hoop of Peace," Naturegraph Publishers, Happy camp. CA. Story Cards "Native American Indian Tales," Pro Lingua Associates, Brattleboro, VT.

Wintercount Card company, New Castle, CO. purchases Ken's watercolors and adds them to their series of cards from Native Americans,

Ken has been contracted to do the art work for many organizations that were printed on t-shirts, posters and calendars.

The need to paint and draw is reflected in Ken's attitude about his artwork: "I have always wanted to draw and paint things that no one has ever seen. That is why my style of art is called surrealism. Indian spirits and shamans are my favorite subjects. I take many of my ideas from the Indian stories l have learned and put them on canvas or paper, thus showing our people and non-Indians some of the rich culture, traditions, and beliefs that we still have today. I try to find out what I can do, not what I can't do. Basically, I like to make people think."

Ken was accepted for memtership as a craftsperson in the Indian Arts and Crafts Association in March 1984.

He is an artist and storyteller/oral historian and has traveled extensively to acquire the knowledge and experience necessary to develop and enhance this combined talent.

His stories have increased cultural understanding among Indian people as well as non-Indians. He tailors his stories to fit the age group he is speaking to. Sometimes he enhances his storytelling by singing with a drum accompaniment, or paintings and/or photographs.


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Cultural/Traditional Belicfs of Different tribes
Little People
Little Little People
Water Babies
Sea Serpents
Giants Snakes
Indian Mermaids
Medicine People/Shamans
2 10,000 Year Old Stories
3 Great Flood Stones
Indians and UFO's
Indians and Crystals
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Medicine Dances/Indian Ceremonies ofDiffernent Tribes
Deer Woman
1 Legend Story
Indians That Live Underground (Recent Stories)
Indian Humor
Indian wars Not Found In Books
Indian Games - Different Tribes
Songs From Different Tribes; Baby Songs, Love Songs,
49er Songs, Social Songs, etc.
Animals That Talk - English Or Indian
Animal People Stores - Coyote Stories


High Desert Museum - Bend, OR
Borders Book Stores - Manchestr, CT
Kids Festival - Hartford, CT
Dallas Indian Market - Dallas, TX
Several Elementary Schools in Durango, CO
Indian Summer Festivals - Milwaukee, WI
North Elementary School Omak, WA
University of CT - Yukon, CT
Middle School - Tolland, CT
Fort Lewis College Durango, CO


West Palm Beach State Fair (Indian Village) - West Palm Beach, FL
The Native American Preparatory School, Rowe, N.M.
Early Childhood Conference - Wenatchee, WA
Urnversity of S.D. - Vermillion, S.D.
New Mexico State Universitty - Las Vegas. N.M.
University of New Mexico - Las Cruses, N.M.
Cincinnati Museum Center - Cincirnati. OH
4th Grade Rondcvous - Grand Junction, CO
Multi-Cultural Conference - Grand Junction, CO
CT River Pow Wow - Durham, CT
Hunter Mt. Indian Festival - Hunter, N.Y
Elementary, Middle and High School - Coulee Dam, WA
Indian Summer Festival - Milwaukee, WI
Cheney Cowles Museum, Spokane. WA
Scottsdale Indian Market - Scottsdale, AZ

Ken also does commissioned work by order only.
Also bookings for schools etc.

Contact Agent: Charlene Whitfield

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