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White Buffalo

White Buffalo

White Buffalo Returns

I hear her speak.
Her words are strong,
Like a millon Buffalo
Thundering along.

Her words are
Peace, Love, and Life
No more strife
And no more fight.

Hear, our people;
We are still alive,
With the sacred wisdom
That lives inside.

As one nation,
We come alive
To fulfill the dreams
That live inside.


You think you are superior
civilized man, look what
you've done to these
precious lands.

We are not but a flea
on our mother's back.
How much more
before she cracks.

Hear her call us one
and all, for if not
we all will fall.

You've taken advantage
of these precious lands
what is to come, is
now at hand.


Remember to be humble
along the way.

give thanks
for each and every day.

Statement of Purpose

It is the purpose of White Star Eagle:

To make quality, indigenous artworks
available to the general public;
To show the spiritual aspects and protect the
traditional values of all Native American nations.

The major goals of this company are:

To bring spiritual awareness and
to expand the consciousness of the public;
And to promote healing through the arts.

To protect Native American artists from being
taken advantage of within the market place;
And to create jobs for those who carry the same vision.

Artwork which we will be selling includes:

Silkscreen and transferred T-shirts,
calendars, limited edition lithographs,
lithographs, greeting cards, replicated
and original artwork,
and commissioned artwork.

Donations to be made:

10% of all proceeds will be set
aside for the non-profit foundation,
which we have setup to help all Native American Artists.

An additional 10% will go to a non-profit charity;
For whom we will provide food, clothing, shelter,
and medical assistance for Native Peoples.

Board of Directors

Charlene Whitfield, CEO
Glenn Welker, President/Web Master Glenn Welker

Joan Edwards, Vice-President/Treasurer

Ken Edwards, Secretary Ken Edwards

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