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"A People who have a past, have a history and culture.
A Culture with history will never die.
Conquered, maybe - forgotten, NEVER!"

1/01/07: Tibetan Literature
6/01/06: Yuanji
3/01/06: Tai Chi
1/01/06: Chinese Literature
1/01/05: Korean Literature
6/09/04: Legends of the Columbia
1/01/04: Japanese Literature
1/01/03: IPL Videos
1/01/02: Hawaiian Literature
9/01/01: Mexican Geneology
8/20/01: Native American Books
8/15/01: African Literature and Art
7/15/01: Spirituality & Literature
6/15/01: Indigenous Art Gallery
5/15/01: Atihiubancex (Mountain Wind Group)
4/15/01: Links to Many Resources
4/01/01: New IPL Current News Mailing List
3/15/01: New IPL Racism Mailing List
2/15/01: New IPL Issues Mailing List
1/15/01: New IPL Literature Mailing List
9/25/00: New Poetry
9/25/00: New Stories
9/25/00: Leonard Peltier Links
9/25/00: Additional Postings
9/25/00: Virtual Art Museum (Chiapas)
6/05/00: Four Directions
6/03/00: New Artwork by Latuff (Trial by Cartoon)
6/01/00: The Voice of the Taino People (Newsletters)
5/23/00: Poetry in German
5/23/00: Famous Quotes in French
5/10/00: Famous Quotes in German
1/06/00: Search Our Site
12/01/99: Native American Screen Savers: Trail of Tears, Spirits of the Wind 1, Spirits of the Wind 2
11/20/99: New Poetry (from our mailing list contributors)
09/20/99: Indigenous Peoples Literature Mailing List (Lastest articles and information)
09/16/99: Assault on the Kalash People
(Contributed by: Mr. Sher Malik, Indigenous Peoples Survival Foundation)

08/04/99: Zapatista Screen Saver
07/10/99: Grandmother Spider Steals the Fire (Choctaw - Contributed by: Three Feathers)
07/10/99: Hitchiti-Mikasuki Creation Story (Taino - Contributed by: Adonaset)
07/02/99: Timucua Creation Legend (Taino - Contributed by: Adonaset)
06/07/99: Palabra Conjurada (New book of literature from Chiapas, Mexico)
04/06/99: Sacred Nature of Thought by Harry D.
04/06/99: Origin of the Crow by Jack Powell
04/06/99: Origin of Chicago (Place of the Skunk) by Jack Powell
03/25/99: Wolf and Native Art Web Rings
03/05/99: Indigenous Peoples Web Rings
03/03/99: Second Congress of Indigenous Literatures of the Americas
02/15/99: The Sacred Seven Prayers (Translated by: Ana Lucia Vieira Santos)
02/10/99: The Sacred Seven Prayers (By: Noel Knockwood, Elder)
02/03/99: Little Turtle (Famous Miami Chief)
01/28/99: New Poetry
01/28/99: Portugal Page (Translated by: Ana Lucia Vieira Santos)
01/27/99: More Famous Quotes (Translated by: Ana Lucia Vieira Santos)

01/12/99: Quotes by Chief Joseph (Translated by: Ana Lucia Vieira Santos)
01/07/99: Indigenous Music (The Americas)
01/05/99: Big Bear (Famous Cree Chief)
01/03/99: Purépecha Literature (Mexico)

01/02/99: Indigenous Languages (The World)
11/19/98: Persian Literature (by: Dr. Seyed Ghahari)
11/19/98: Arabic Literature (by: Dr. El Sayed Hafez )
11/10/98: Native American Art Gallery
11/03/98: Black Elk Speaks [In Italiano]     (Translated by: Giovanna Galvani)

11/03/98: Cherokee Literature [In Italiano] (Translated by: Giovanna Galvani)
10/29/98: Tehuelches of Argentina (Compiled by: Joe Goldfus)
10/21/98: Indigenous Peoples of South America
10/20/98: Indigenous Peoples Literature (Translated by: Giovanna Galvani)
09/21/98: Native American Geneology Links (Other Links)
09/16/98: Microsoft - Surfalot's Picks of the Web
07/27/98: Honor and Respect for Our Elders
07/23/98: Stereotypes/Racism
07/15/98: Coyote Stories
07/01/98: The United Confederation Of Taino People
06/28/98: Frontera de la Palabra
05/12/98: Indigenous Peoples Literature in Denmark by: Nick Lisberg
05/10/98: Original Drawing of Sitting Bull - by Latuff

05/10/98: Original Zapatista Artwork - Color - by Latuff
05/10/98: Original Zapatista Artwork - Black & White - by Latuff 04/30/98: El Poema de Chiapas
04/25/98: Faces of Chiapas [Mexico/Indian]
04/22/98: Protest Letters [Mexico/Indian]
04/08/98: Grandmother's Creation Story [Native American/Indian]
03/21/98: Tribute to Native Americans [Native American/Indian]
03/21/98: Chiapas Menu 2 [Mexico/Latin America]
03/20/98: Literature Menu - Text Version [World]
03/15/98: Running With The Buffalo [Native American/Indian]
03/14/98: Buffalo Help Heal the Spirit [Native American/Indian]
03/14/98: Native Youth Councils [Native American/Indian]
03/13/98: Stereotypes: Gringos vs Latinos [Latin America]
03/13/98: Literature Menu - Page 2 [World]
03/06/98: First Congress of Indigenous Literatures of the Americas
03/04/98: Indigenous Peoples Literature - Spanish [En Español]
03/04/98: Indigenous Peoples Literature - Portuguese [Em Portugués]
03/04/98: Indigenous Peoples Literature - German [Auf Deutsch]
03/04/98: Indigenous Peoples Literature - French [En Francais]
02/04/98: In Memory of Alfonso Ortiz [Native American/Indian]
12/06/97: Indigenous/Native Peoples Internet Affairs Council [World]
11/09/97: Indigenous Greetings/Salutations [World]
11/04/97: Native Youth Literature/Books [Native American/Indian]
10/27/97: Taino Resource List [Columbus/Caribbean]
10/26/97: Proud Taino "WARRIOR MAN" [Columbus/Caribbean]
10/22/97: What Is the Definition of a True Native American (Native American/Indian) 
10/15/97: Prayer of the Night Chant (Native American/Indian)  
07/27/97: Yax Te'/Maya Educational Foundation [Central America/Mexico] 
07/27/97: Sculpted Stones [Central America/Mexico] 
07/19/97: Internet Awards 
07/19/97: Educational Awards 
07/19/97: Additional Awards 
07/16/97: Homage to Mildred I. Cleghorn [Native American/Indian] 
07/16/97: Treaty Between Texas and the Lipan Indians [Native American/Indian] 
07/16/97: Tehuacana Creek Treaty [Native American/Indian] 
07/12/97: Ecuador Inkas (Ecuador)[Latin America] 
07/07/97: Indigenous Peoples of Taiwan [Asia] 
06/17/97: Otavaleño Literature (Ecuador)[Latin America] 
06/17/97: South America [Native American/Indian] 
06/17/97: The Americas [Native American/Indian] 
05/29/97: He-Dog [Native American/Indian] 
05/29/97: Low-Dog [Native American/Indian] 
05/29/97: Big Bear [Native American/Indian] 
05/14/97: Respect - The Key To Life [Native American/Indian] 
05/14/97: When The Web Was Young [Native American/Indian] 
03/30/97: A Coyote's Tales [Native American/Indian] 
03/30/97: Fish Dog Skin [Native American/Indian] 
03/30/97: Kip a ta ki (Old Woman) [Native American/Indian] 
03/30/97: Tracing Five Generations of a Blackfoot Family [Native American/Indian] 
03/27/97: How the Blackfoot got the Buffalo Jump (Piskun) [Native American/Indian] 
02/19/97: El Tarahumara Son Sobrevivientes [Mexico] 
02/19/97: Los indios de Tarahumara y la competencia cien millas [Mexico] 
02/19/97: Gente De Tarahumara [Mexico] 
02/19/97: Gente indígena de Méjico [Mexico] 
02/19/97: El nacimiento de un movimiento [Mexico] 
02/19/97: Las Mujeres Indígenas Están siendo marginadas [Mexico] 
02/07/97: References/Awards [Native American/Indian] 
02/07/97: Documentation [Native American/Indian] 
01/17/97: Rediscovering What Has Always Been There [Native American/Indian] 
12/15/96: Native American Stories [Native American/Indian] 
12/15/96: Mexican Stories [Mexico] 
12/15/96: Latin American Stories [Latin America] 
12/15/96: Ancient Peoples of Europe (Romani/Gypsies) [Europe]
12/14/96: Millenniums and other Beginnings [Native/Latin America] 
12/14/96: (Barbed) Wired for Controversy [Native/Latin America] 
12/14/96: Defying the Census [Native/Latin America] 
12/14/96: A Woman Warrior Recalls the Birth of a Movement [Native/Latin America] 
11/22/96: Zapatistas Inspire Grassroots Leadership Worldwide [Chiapas/Mexico] 
11/22/96: Millenium of the Chile [Latin America] 
11/22/96: Husband and Wife Team Heal the Spirit [Latin America] 
11/21/96: Latino Spectrum [Mexico/Latin America] 
11/21/96: North High Redskins Mascot [Native American/Indian] 
11/21/96: Indian Logo Themes [Native American/Indian] 
11/20/96: Tarahumara of Chihuahua [Mexico] 
11/05/96: Sun Child [Native American/Indian] 
10/30/96: Lipan Apache [Native American/Indian
10/30/96: Lipan Apache Songs [Native American/Indian]
10/03/96: Walking Back the Cat [Native American/Indian] 
09/30/96: Man and the Ravens [Native American/Indian] 
09/30/96: Coyote and the Another One [Native American/Indian] 
09/09/96: Winter When the Stars Fell [Native American/Indian] 
09/07/96: Indians and Mestizos in the Americas [Latin America] 
09/07/96: Running for Peace and Dignity [Mexico] 
09/07/96: Latino Children Wonder About Their Future [Latin America] 
09/06/96: Garbage People [Mexico] 
09/06/96: Indigenous Women [Latin America] 
09/06/96: Lost In Mexico [Mexico] 
09/06/96: Mexico Honors Indians of the Past? [Mexico] 
09/06/96: Seeing More than Black and White [Latin America] 
08/14/96: Death of Hero Recalls Anti-Discrimination Struggles [Mexico] 
08/13/96: Why We Must March [Latin America] 
08/13/96: Yaqui Literature [Mexico] 
08/13/96: Mexico's Indigenous Peoples United by Shared History [Mexico] 
08/12/96: Fields of Dreams [Latin America] 
08/06/96: Latvia/Livonia Peoples Literature [Europe] 
08/05/96: Gaelic (Celtic) Peoples Literature [Europe] 
07/01/96: How a Piegan Warrior Found the First Horse [Native American/Indian] 
07/01/96: Lame Warrior and the Skeleton [Native American/Indian] 
06/13/96: Taino People [Columbus/Caribbean] 

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