Wabanaki Literature


Ableegumooch, the Lazy Rabbit
Badger and the Green Giant
Badger and the Koondao
Badger and the Star Wives
Big Magwis and Little Magwis
Boy Who Worried Tomorrow
Changing of Mikcheech
Glooscap and His People
Glooscap and Winpe
Glooscap, the Trickster
How Glooscap Found Summer
How the Rabbit Lost His Tail
Magical Sweet-Grass Doll
Man Who Was Made a Magician
Mooin, the Bear's Child
Nokome and the Ice King
Oochigeas and the Invisible Boy
Rabbit Calls a Truce
Run, Rabbit, Run
Wa-Ba-Ba-Nal, The Northern Lights

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Compiled by: Glenn Welker

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