Two-Headed Serpent Prophecy of the Haudenausonee

Kwe Kwe

As Told by Stuart Myiow of the Mohawk Traditional Council of Kahnewake

One day, a young boy had found a two-headed serpent (snake) whose skin had beautiful colors with gold and silver stripes down its back; but it was very sickly, unable to care for and feed itself. It was on the very door of death. This was due to the fact that one head wanted to go left while the other wanted to go right. One wanted to move while the other wanted to stay still. Basically, one head didn't know what the other was doing.

(One day the people found strange-looking beings who had a strange metal skin made of gold and silver and covered with bright coloured cloth washed up on the shores of Turtle Island. These beings were very sick, cold, hungry and near death. They were very confused; for one spoke of peace while his counter-part killed everyone. One was called church and one was called state. They also hissed a very strange language.)

The young boy brought the serpent to his village. The elders were very cautious of it but everyone loved its beautiful colors and felt sorry for it. The young ones said "It's so poor. How will it survive? Look at how helpless it is. Surely it will die with the coming of winter. Please let us keep it?" the elders agreed saying "OK you can keep it but not in the house, and remember: if you want to keep it, you will have to feed it!"

(The True People brought them to our villages, welcomed the beings into our home, fed them, gave them shelter, and brought them back to life by curing their sickness and diseases. Unable to hunt and unknowledgeable of the land, our people helped the strange beings build their own villages and gave them food, in exchange they offered their bright cloth and metals.)

The children fed it insects but the snake wanted more so they fed it field mice, but the snake wanted more. They fed it rabbits and small birds but the snake wanted more! Finally, with this serpent getting so big, the elders began hunting our brothers, the beavers and otters, to feed the snake; but this snake didn't seem to get enough.

(Our people brought the strange beings food and supplies in exchange for the bright cloth and metals, but the strange beings always wanted more and more. These strange beings requested more food and much more supplies which evolved into the fur trade. Our people began to see that they would destroy life for profit.)

The serpent (now way too big to handle) began eating our dogs, then our food supply - the gardens and the deer, then all our spirit guides. When that was not enough, the serpent finally began eating our people. It ate the children, the elders and any who were not fast enough to get away. So horrible was this serpent that it even ate our dead - something that our people had never seen.

(The strange beings multiplied quickly. Just as quick, they forgot the kindness they were shown and began taking without asking. They killed our children with false gifts of chicken pox infected blankets. Those children they didn't kill, they stole from us and put them in residential schools. They killed the elderly medicine men who saved them and desecrated our burial grounds.)

Then this two-headed serpent began eating whole villages and in the process, it enslaved many of the people. Then it started traveling the countryside looking for more villages to eat. Along the way, it started eating anything in its path - the forest, all the animals and the countryside itself. It ate holes through mountains that were in its way and it poisoned our waters with its defecation.

(They were so blood thirsty they needed the constant rush of murder to flow through their veins. They destroyed villages, then nations, allowing only those to live who would succumb to their false religion and government. They killed the forest, the buffalo and made whole species extinct. They destroyed the earth for its minerals (gold rush) and stained the waters with blood.)

After traveling the entire country, it began to back-track to totally destroy the land by poisoning anything that may have been undisturbed. All the animals were completely poisoned, as was the ground. The forests that were missed were now devoured, the waters that were not damaged were now completely poisoned also.

(When the land itself was enslaved, then they moved in for the kill with the industrial revolution, littering the countryside with pollution factories. They strip mined the land of its internal organs. They clear cut the lungs out of our Mother and pumped disease into her veins, poisoning her blood, bringing her to the brink of death.)

Finally, after our Mother Earth was destroyed and there was nothing left for the two headed serpent to consume, it then started to eat into the Sky World. It was said that it would make its way out to our Grandmother, the night-time sun (the moon), and that it would even try to destroy our Eldest Brother, the sun, and that from there it would attack all our cousins, the stars.

(Finally, with the industrial revolution and the advancement of the sciences, these strange beings became so smart that they created the ultimate weapon to wage war against our Mother Earth - nuclear power. they punched holes in the Sky World enabling them to leave the incubus of our Mother, free to attack and destroy the rest of the Great Spirit.)

But it was also said that when the serpent would be near the end of its destruction of our Mother Earth that the Earth would fight back to cleanse herself.

(Recently weather patterns have been very treacherous, killing many people around the world and destroying the infrastructure (economy) of the Two Headed Serpent.)

At this time the serpent will be weakened by the natural powers released from our Mother's revolt. Revealing itself for what it really is, the serpent will create its own demise and begin to destroy itself.

(Presently church is being revealed for what it truly represents through the scandals of rape, abuse, internal corruption, law suits (over one hundred million dollars in North America alone) and its sexist nature. The church is losing its flock of sheep leaving it with very little money to sustain itself, forcing the church to close down many of its parishes and to sell off its supposed property.)

Also, through its own greed and its insatiable appetite for destruction, one head would begin to eat the other and it would destroy itself through internal conflict and that all it has enslaved to work for it to keep it alive, will revolt against it.

(State is also on the verge of collapse. People around the world have lost faith in government. Mistrust for politicians is at an all time high, governments are having to tax their people to death and are constantly using war as an economic booster which is casting practically the whole world into revolution. Even when real people with good intentions are elected into government, people still distrust, for everyone is discovering that people are just a window dressing in government; for no matter what people say or want, it's still controlled by big business.)

This is when (while it distracts itself) a young boy would come again and with the power of the hair of the clanmothers would make a bow that would thrust his arrows straight and true into the heads of the two headed serpent. When the serpent rolls over and dies it is said that the young boy will climb atop the huge monster's belly and in slicing it open, all the real people who were eaten up will have been released.

(With the male dominated church and State destroying everything that our Mother Earth gave birth to, the female entity must stand up and defend her family. When the women (in accordance with the Great Law of Peace) bring the true men back to life, then the men will come to their senses and stop their destruction. Only the women have the power to turn their poor excuses for men into real men that will fight at all costs to stop this destruction of our people and of all Creation. When this is done, all people will be freed.)

When the serpent is destroyed, all life will once again live in freedom the way the Great Spirit had intended and creation itself will blossom with a new vibrancy that has not been seen since the coming of the serpent.

(When Church and State falls at its own hand and through suppression of the female entity, life will return that which has not been seen since the 500 years that the serpent has been let loose in the garden.)

This is basically the Two-Headed Serpent Prophecy. Though it may sound like fairy tale shrouded in myth, it remains to be the warning sign on the highway that we are all traveling together. We must remember that this prophecy was told to the Five Nations of the Iroquois Confederacy before the coming of the whiteman with his church and state: yet the prophecy has predicted precisely everything that would happen, so any rational person should contemplate what the next state of the prophecy is.

Brave Star

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Compiled by: Glenn Welker

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