The Taino People's Resource List

We are the Taino People not the Arawak People

The following is a list of Taino organizations, groups and individuals in the United States and the Caribbean that provide educational activities for the general public such as craft-making, artist workshops, lectures, story-telling, dance, music performances, and newsletter publication. We have reproduced the information sent by groups and individuals as we received it, only editing for purposes of space. Despite our efforts to contact as many organizations and individuals as possible, it is in no way a comprehensive list. We hope that you find it useful.

One Bowling Green
New York NY 10004
Contact: Mr. Jorge Estevez - (212) 514-3716


Taino National Archives Section
527 Mulberry Street
Millville, NJ 08332

The New York Public Library
Fifth Avenue @ 41st Street
New York NY 10017
Tel: (212) 930-0800

Huntington Free Library and Reading Room
2B Carl A. Kroch Library
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY 14853
Tel: (607) 255-3530
Fax: (607) 255-9524


Roberto "Mucaro" Borrero

(917) 334-5658

An historian, artist, musician and activist, Mr. Borrero's work is dedicated to the preservation and continuance of Taino cultural and spirital heritage. Mr. Borrero has been a consultant for exhibitions, film documentaries and has lectured, performed and exhibited his art internationally.

C a c i b a J a g u a
Taino Indigenous Performance and Presentation Troupe
10 Ocean Parkway #B10
Brooklyn NY 11218
NY Tel: (718) 871-5650
CT Tel: (203) 237-8708

Based on Pre- and Post-Columbian Taino, and Carib Traditional Social Music called Areyto, all presentations include educational narratives and are originally composed and choreographed. Members handcraft all of the musical instruments, regalia and adornments used during the presentations.

El Consejo General de Tainos Borincanos Inc.
HC 645 Buzon 5075
Trujillo Alto, Puerto Rico 00976
US Tel: (212) 604-4186
PR Tel: (787) 748-2228

This Taino organization, works for the "defense and diffusion of Taino" culture through public education, cultural and environmental projects, as well as networking with other Indigenous Peoples throughout the Americas. The Council also hosts a yearly Taino Spiritual Gathering and Congress in Puerto Rico.

Expressions, Inc.
#15 Calle Buenaventura Quinones
Guanica, Puerto Rico 00653
Tel: (787) 821-4723

Our non-profit, apolitical, philanthropic organization, is institutionalizing the "First Indigenous Meeting," an homage to our first culture and race: the indigenous, our Taino race. This great homage will be accompanied by the "First Indigenous Craft Fair" and the "Day of Taino Affirmation." We will inaugurate this event October 10, 11 and 12 of this year, and will continue to offer homage to our great culture and race on the same date in the years to come.

Mr. Bobby Gonzalez
688 Cortlandt Avenue
Bronx NY 10451
Tel: (718) 665-9855

Bobby Gonzalez is a Native writer, speaker, storyteller, and poet. He provides storytelling programs, poetry readings, lectures, and slide shows for all ages from pre-Kindergarten to adult. He speaks on Taino and other Native American cultures from North, South and Central America.

Ms. Maria de los Angeles Morales, PWCC
19 West Golf Club Lane
Paoli PA 19301
Tel: (610) 647-4870

Professional artist.

Works in a variety of media: e.g., oil, gouache, watercolor, and clay and direct stone sculpture. Her work includes Taino Indian subjects, based on her extensive research of Taino culture and mythology. Plans to develop a lecture on her interpretations of Taino life and petroglyphs in her artwork.

Presencia Taina TV
PO Box 570
New York NY 10029
Fax/Tel. (212) 534-6004

Prescencia Taina.TV serves the Caribbean indigenous community as well as other indigenous communities. To date, we have brought our programs to many places: elementary schools and universities, public and private institutions, parks and recreational facilities and public and private self-help organizations. We do community outreach to service the old along with the young.

The majority of our constituents come from low income neighborhoods and communities that receive very little contact with the artistic cultural educational circles. We introduce these elements that have otherwise separated from each other to become whole once again. The response from these participants has been overwhelming, with an increased demand for our services.

This website works to strengthen Taino Indian cultural arts collaborative workshop projects to promote and preserve the ancestral Caribbean Indigenous Cultural Heritage via supplementary and alternative Native American educational arts programs.

The work accomplished throughout the years has been consistent with our Taino mission statement (Presencia Taina), which is to promote the educational expansion of our Caribbean community and its rich indigenous cultural arts heritage.

Prescencia Taina.TV artistic presentations, exhibitions and workshops have generated interest and involvement from the Caribbean community and other Pre Hispanic indigenous circles. Our Prescencia Taino.TV program has served to inspire future cultural artists in developing their talents by drawing upon their ancestral cultural traditions.

The Hummingbird BBS Database

An Educational, Cultural and Religious Protectorate Non-Profit Taino Native American Corporation based in the State of New Jersey. Mission Statement: To promote and protect the rights of the Taino Indigenous people of the Caribbean and United States diaspora at an international level.

Publications: La Revista De La Indierra Taina/ The Taino Indian-Land Review A Quarterly Bi-lingual Spanish/English Newsletter of the TITC Inc.

The Taino Documentation Project: (A TITC Umbrella Project)

(1) The Taino Genealogy

(2) The Taino Language

(3) The Taino National Museum and Library

(4) The Taino Elders Documentation

(5) The Taino National Directory

(6) The Colibri Hummingbird Taino BBS a Computer Taino Indigenous Archive Database

The Hummingbird BBS Database online Service Number: (609) 825-7922

Taller Cabachuelas
Torrecillas, Buzon 5986
Morovis, Puerto Rico 00687

Using ancient motifs and methods, the Cheverez family continues the ancestral tradition of Taino pottery making.

Is a Taino educational research group that also produces a Taino informative Newsletter called La Concha - The Conch Shell.

War Party Film and Video Productions
63 Avenue A
New York NY 10009
Tel: (917) 875-5302

An independent, native-owned and operated film and video production company. Coverage includes indigenous cultures of North, Central and South American and the Caribbean.

Taino Ancestral Legacy Keepers Inc.
PO Box 52 Kingsbridge Station
5517 Broadway
Bronx, New York 10463 USA
Tel: (917) 490-8303
Fax: (817) 579-3376

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