My Poem
for the
Kalash People

SPRING FLOWERS I gathered for you
Dance on my tunes, in Little beehive of Passion,
Bring me the news, where I must Go to collect the next Bunch of Flowers,
For my offerings, in my sacred Temples,
So pleasing are the gestures, she Makes standing in front of a castle,
Announcing, celebrations of Spring,
In front of a Palace made of Flowers ,
Where She roams around collecting, shouting,
No not there come over here, I found some more,
Fairies of Nature Giggling, look at them each year they are so fewer than last year,

Oh I care for my Listeners, viewers, as as well as pleasure seekers,
Of Wine merry making, in my Valley's, NEAR OR FAR,
How will I know who heard me, I shall keep trying,
Tucking my hair with Wild flowers, as well as a wild Rose,
U help me choose, its all for you, I adjust my attire, sacred belt needs some more, flowers, fresh as dawn,
For you I dress up, each divine thought is just an admiration of you,
Let me get ready, Grind the Ibex horn, so i will paint My forehead and cheeks,
For you, in OLIVE OILS, paste,

YOU Bugi Neither u understand me ! - nor I will get your applause,
But u are here,s o as always, I am Singing, a melody,for you,
I shall not dance with you, as you are an outsider,
I love you though as my friend.
Tell my parents you are from the cities, where buildings are as tall as my small hills,
But they have no humanity left in them, no fresh Air, No open Grounds to dance, the night away,

I found somewhere, Paying attention, some of them called GREENS-
That's worth while writing again, as they protest and give their lives For Protecting animals,Wild life as well as marines,
Listening, Reading, interacting, we all hear the news,
And the song was over, It left an impression, a small Sigh Of Relief in Hustle Bustle of Life,
The only the Lonely Known as Kalash - so u made us to be recognized,
So we shall remember you in the twilight zone,

In groups in Clans recognition's of Humankinds,
Not to call us names, Chinks, pinks, blacks, and Blues,
How humanity has progressed from Mud shelters, instead of caves, to sky scrappers,
From where would I know I am backward, I gather flowers from the wild,
You, my fellow humans are Modern, u send Bouquet of Flowers, by the flora artists, spend Money-
Come dance with me, it is for free, flowers in my valleys are WILD* and plentiful -

May be I can teach you all a thing or two, I have my Hands full, of them,

Long time ago u were all like me,
Land of Milk and Honey,

We are all One Gathering Momentum
to be recognized,

Come JOIN me I am calling,
as u were all Thousands of Years before me-------

POEM written by M. Bugi

In Exile: Poems for the Motherland — at Kalash-areas Chitral Pakistan.

Please contact
M. Bugi at:

to do all we can to prevent this cultural loss.

The Kalash people will be forever grateful for all of your support!

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Compiled by: Glenn Welker

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