Scent of juniper

Edited By Tach Shara Dion
8th Dec, 2007

Exalted Kalasha!
You live with beauty of gods,
The forests, mountains, and streams
A mystery of love is hard to solve
On Fairytaled faces with ancient themes
In whims of your doubt,
Scent of juniper,
Whispers in the wind,
Dark skin of grapes and clouds,
Smell of pastoral Cheese and goats
Invokes your desire to Rituals

Keeps Affairs Alive with nature,
Rejoice in winter Solstice,
In Sunshine Rites of spring
Moon light Dances of summer
In Mighty feasts of fall

While you rest in shades of trees,
Humming with bird and bumble bees,
Your innocent smiles are being starred,
By Trespassing crowds of modern beings,
Who pity existence of tranquil hosts
With Hearts of metal and conscious lost
A soft kind and honest being
Cares for love and love for all.

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Compiled by: Glenn Welker

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