Raven Stories

Make Prayers to the Raven

Raven that is,
Raven that was,
Raven that always will be.
Make prayers to the Raven.
Raven, bring us luck.

from the Koyukon

Chief's Rattle

How Raven Stole the Sun
(Tsimshian Clan Dance)

How Raven Invented Fire
How Raven Lost His Beak
How Raven Made the World

In the Beginning
Man and the Ravens (Chippewa)
Raven and His Grandmother (Aleuts)
Raven's Great Adventure (Alaska)

Talking Raven Who Became a Hero
(Omar the Amazing Raven)

Young Man and the Raven People

Raven Birth

Before Raven came, the earth was dark and cold. When he saw people living without shadows, he began a search for light. He finds it at the house of Sky Chief, who does not want to share it. Raven changes himself into a pine needle and floats down into the water that Sky Chief's daughter is drinking. In her stomach, he turns into a baby, to Sky Chief's delight. When the baby asks for and receives the shiny ball in the box, he turns back into Raven and flies into the sky, placing the ball where all may enjoy it. That is why Native Americans of the Pacific Northwest feed the raven.


Background of the Raven Stories
Crow with Raspy Voice
Dotson' Sa, Great Raven Makes The World
Eldrbarry's Raven Tales
Raven and the Whale
Raven Mythology
Raven in Literature

The Raven stories of the native peoples of the Pacific Northwest give us a glimpse of the customs and life of a people who depend on and respect their enviornment. The lives of the many tribes of the Northwest coast: Tlingit, Tsimshian, Haida, Kwakiutl, Makah and Quileute-Hoh, and the Coast Salish (to name a few) are closely linked to both forest and sea.

Raven in Mythology
Raven in Southeast Mythology
Raven Stories
Raven Tales
Raven Tales [Videos]
Raven was White
Yelth: the Raven

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