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Lamat - Star - Rabbit

Mayan Rabbit Stories

The rabbit represented the "struggle to overcome the material state." Apparently it was believed that even as a spirit, after death one is still attached to physical things, which is described in the recent near-death literature.

Rabbit and His Cap

Rabbit and the Coyote

Rabbit and the Crab

Rabbit and the Ram

Rabbit As Cowherd

Rabbit As Swineherd

Rabbit Throws Out His Sandal

Mayan Leaders Including 18 Rabbit
Mayan Leaders Including "18 Rabbit"
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** No one seems to know why the rabbit is called "the mayor."

** Slow, traditional Mayan dance, and the melody which accompanies it. The word also means 'marimba' and 'music' in the Q…njob…l Mayan language.

*** An inexplicable change of instrument. When the storyteller, don Pedro Miguel Say was asked about it, he simply said that he had learned the story this way.

**** Some Q…njob…les insist that there are lions living in the Cuchumat…n Mountains near their homeland.

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