Poem in Exile

Poem By M.Bugi-in exile

Clasp Your Hands....in Forbearance,,,,
Crawl On The Floor,,,,,,Of Humbleness,,,,,
Pilgrimage in shape of TOLERANCE.
The Journey is spread till The HORIZON U Vagabond Hermit,
You are on Your Own Journey.
Like so many Journey's But this time is Point of NO RETURN...
Every few steps on Route to Enlightenment,,,,,,,,
Of the High Pasture,,,, Bow Your Aching Body,,
DO YOUR KO TAO'S', You have come for a divine Purpose,
Lets Pay.. Homage, Let me assure you, NOW,,,,
You the EARTHLING!...you have had Temptations,
To cross over,,,, no not yet, as you are Now,,,,
Not In The Forbidden CITY,
Here You Go Among vastness Of Praying Flags,,,,,
Fluttering as if the Horse and its wind Passes You Like a whisper.
Beware, The Devil even creeps in the praying Monks Midst,
You must make Noise .about your OWN Spirituality,,,,.
in shape of Loudly Clap Your Hands, And Pray,
while doing SO Keep Turning the Wooden Rosary,
I will Burn the Holy Juniper twigs, and Camphor,for the Journey,

The square in The Monastery of Life,,,
A mandalla, made in The Colored Sand,
Only to Be destroyed and ashes sent to the Lake.
The Journey Begins The rest is Nowhere, to be seen.
From The Mountain springs, the waterfalls Drip tearing apart its Mightyness,
Time Keeps Flowing,for others to Notice, change your Shapes,
Bon Yoyage, Bon Voyage, as I Bid Farewell, is a mere Indication.
High upon the Mountains is a Sacred Temple....
The Third Eye Keeping an Eye on You,
With Ablutions of Tear drops of Heaven in Dew and Mist, of The clouds,,,,,
With In Curling Praying WHEELS, we are waiting for you Up there,,,,
, OH Lofty Mountains!!,,,, Grant This Pilgrim Safe Passage ....
Please Do Not Hinder his Journey on the sacred Rainbows,,,,
As he has suffered a LOT already,,,Covered with The Snow,,,,
are the Piles of Wishes,,Of the wish Full Thinking Jewel,,,,
BEHOLD me In Silence,,,,,
As i will Flatter In the Passing Wind, Observe me, I am a prayer flag,
Moving in the Winds Direction, I am Bringing to you News.....
NEWS from the horses that are Running along Your Markings of Devotion,
Like Thunder and Lightening, in Milky ways, announcing your Presence,,
your Journey to the other WORLD's unknown to Man,,,,
in My Prayer Flags, are embossed,
Solicitude to Eternity, for Peace that is everlasting,
Nothing will Bother you again,,,
In Your Psychedelic Apathy, of Bygone Age,,,,

(poems in Exile) at Breda, Holland.

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Compiled by: Glenn Welker