Oh the Blessed Kalash

You live with the beauty of God
The forest, mountains, and streams
A civilization unique and ancient
Rooted in history
If anything sustain you
Through your doubts
Existence of civilized trespassing
It's your conviction and belief
A holy bond with nature
Oh the blessed Kalash
I have seen the world
I have met the people
The world has changed
The beings become materialistic
The emotions got no value
Their feelings demise
The thing which remained with you
A heart of Gold and a diamond
A soft kind and honest
The treasure of feelings and care

Oh the blessed Kalash

21st century promises love peace
Liberty and freedom for all
Let's pray and wish this to be a true.
Hold onto your traditions
Everlasting and ethereal

Oh the Blessed Kalash

A Prayer from your daughter

Lakshan Bibi Kalash

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Compiled by: Glenn Welker

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