Talking Pocket Posters   

After an exhaustive search for "excellence" of one sort or another by
our uniquely cultured, uninhibitedly eclectic, and yet tastefully, refined
staff, we have determined, quite subjectively, that:

your Internet Site is one of only an eventual total of 100 out of 30,000,000

that deserves a place in our 1998 home page phone card series.

Your enterprise and its Home Page will become etched forever in the still
embryonic history of the Internet. You will set yourself apart from the
quagmire of mediocrity so soon evident to anyone cruising the Cyber Highway.

Collectible Art Phone Cards that can be used to call from anywhere to
anywhere, defining your web presence in an historically singular event.

These are Walking, Talking Billboards, (which is what Pre-Paid Phone
Cards have been dubbed) with illustrative graphics

SHOUTING the existence of your Home Page and of your enterprise.

Pre-Paid Discount Long Distance Phone Cards featuring your graphics
and your personalized audio greeting which will be seen and heard each time
that the phone card is used. You can add menu options providing information
as needed (i.e., event announcements, specials, Home Page modifications,
record release dates, magazine articles of peculiar interest, etc.).

Home Pages with significant Web traffic or potential off-line
distribution sites will be included in the series which will be
promoted on a world-wide basis. Only a select few aesthetically
pleasing and demographically significant Home Pages are being considered
for this series which will include just one hundred of the 30 Million
Web Sites vying for attention.

As part of our program our Web Site will provide a valuable link to
yours with a click option next to your card's image on our Web Page.
It's as though you are being offered a winning lottery ticket because of

the great job you did on your site.

Journalists everywhere will love this story and so will you.

Thank you.

Very truly yours,

Larry Ball
Star Telecom Network, Inc.

"Be sure to visit Star Telecom Network where you can see and purchase
the hottest phone cards in the world." "TO ORDER:

Star Telecom Network, Inc. has created a valuable, unusual, and most
creative Internet Based Series of Pre-Paid Premium Long Distance Phone
Cards, graphically accenting the diversity and beauty of the most important
communications tool in man's history:

"When The Web Was Young ."

We are proud to be represented in this Limited Collection which you will
find fascinating to accumulate and use for a lifetime. It is the first
and only Home Page Phone Card Series.

Visit the Star Telecom Network Site where you can see it all, including our
entry, and order on line or through their toll free service. This
assemblage is one of a kind, combining art and a new form of currency.
Because of its relative scarcity, and artistic significance, its future
value could well exceed its current cost, even after extensive Long
Distance usage."

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