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In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.
Persian Literature

YouTube in Iran

"Sar Zamin Ma Iran"
(Iran Our Homeland)

Persian Links

Iranian Women
Hanouzam Bahman

Persian Gulf

Iranian Women

"I dedicate this page to my very good
friend and scholar, Dr. Seyed Ghahari."

Computer Institute
(School created by Dr. Ghahari)

Axkhaneh Shahr

Other Related Sites

I dedicate these links to my good friends,
Mahmood Kazerooni and Saba Arian-Nejad from Iran.

Abu Saeed, selections in Persian
Angali, Kourosh, in Persian

Akhavan Sales, Mehdi. "Va Nadanestan," in Persian
Arabic Literature

Baba Taher
Baba Taher Hamadani, in Persian
Bakhtiar, Shirin. "Oriental Sherbet," in English
Behnam Mahjoor's Corner
Ehteshami, Susan. "Arezuye Khiyali", in Persian
Epic of Shahnameh Ferdowsi
Farsi Alphabet
Gulistan of Saadi
Image of Arabs in Modern Persian Literature
Index of All Persian literature
Iran, Country of Nobles

Treasure of Iran
Iran Online

Irani 1, Shahrzad, poems about Abadan, in English
Irani 2, Shahrzad, poems about Abadan, in English
Iranian Art
Iranian Links
Iranian Poetry
Iranian WebGuide
Iranian Women's Network

Persian Women
Islamic Software
Kasraie, Siyavash, "Arash Kamangir", in Persian
Khayyam's Rybaiyat, in English
Khorsandi, Hadi, in Persian
Languages of Iran
Middle Eastern Political Humor
Nima Yushij, Founder of Modern Persian Poetry
Omar Khayyam
Persian Book Center
Persian Dictionary

Persian Literature
Persian Links
Iran: Country of Nobles
Persian Mythology from Encyclopedia Mythica
Persian Poets, Poetry and Poetic Art
Persian New Year
Persian Poetry

Persian Web Zine
Persian Women Writers

Persian Women Poets

Persian Writers
Islamic links on the World Wide Web

Rahavard, Persian literary quarterly from Los Angeles
Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam (English)
Rumi's Rubaiyat, in Persian
Rumi, in English and Persian
Samandar, Bizhan, "Doust," in Persian
Shahrebani, Fred, "1979", in English
Sites Related to Arabic and Persian Computing
Sourosh, Dr. Abdolkarim. "Khasteh-ye Khak" in Persian
Stories from Iran

Sunnah and Hadith
Thousand and One Nights
Treasures of Perisan Literature
Yoshij, Neema
Real Audio Poems (Spoken in Farsi)
Poem in Farsi
Ziaie, Shadi, "Raw", in English

Chogan (Polo)

Indigenous Peoples' Literature Return to Indigenous Peoples' Literature

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