Chief Oihduze

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South Dakota State Historical Society
American Indian Resources: Manuscript Holdings

Kirk, Simon J. (H75-176)

Manuscript, n.d. Kirk was the grandson of Chief Oihduze of the Sisseton-Wahpeton Dakotas. His manuscript opens with a short history of the Sissetons and Wahpetons under the leadership of Chief Oihduze and continues with his own experiences as a youth. Among the subjects covered is the reaction of Standing Rock Reservation Indians to the death of Sitting Bull.

["Manuscript" collections in the State Archives refer to all unpublished materials received from non-government sources. These materials include letters, diaries, and scrapbooks of individualís, family papers, and minutes, reports, and correspondence files of businesses and organizations. Photographs, sound and video recordings, and other media are found in many collections.]

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