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With Respect

The wolf and the hawk
the crow and the salmon
are brothers

You are the child of the forest
and the sky and the father of forever

Author Unkown

I long for times that have been forgotten
I wish for dreams as I sleep at night
I hunger for the dance of my warrior
Close to me holding me tight
So strong he stands right beside me
Never letting fear come to close

As the wolves sing their songs in the night
He will be holding me tight.

May Mother Earth guide your feet.
May Father Sky keep his arms around you.
May Grandfather Sun warm your cold days.
May Grandmother Moon Keep the Glow in your heart.

May the Star Nations Light the way to the next destintation,
And the Great Spirit always keep you shielded from the pain.

Blessing to you.

Kim Hill
"Father Crow"

The Crow flies to my pillow,
And tells me of a dream.
The wolf he is your brother,
And the tiger is your soul,
The dolphin is your healer.

I am your father, father crow
And I will fly you
To the places your heart wants to be in the dreamtime.

Spread your wings and call to me
For you are part of the wilderness,
You are an animal being,
Your heart is pure and all the animals you meet see this.

The wolf will guide you through your life
And protect you from all who wish you harm.
The tiger dwells inside of you,
But fear has clashed with him,
And he is fighting fear for you.

The dolphin is the fire in your soul
That will heal you.

I am crow your spirit father.
I am your eyes when you cannot see,
And your ears when you cannot hear.

Father Crow
Night Wind

Oh night winds in the summers eve come to me
Lift my spirits high, and carry me
To the time when my people were free
To roam this land, to give in return of receiving,
Lift me high great spirit so I may see the land
Before it became the way it is now.

Show me my ancestors swiftly now
As I close my eyes
Carry me high above into the stars
And let me dance the song of peace
With my grandmother once again.

Let me sing the chants and hear her indian lulaby.
Night winds I long for you
Cring such sweet endings to my long day.

Kim Hill
Indian Love Poem

Man does not measure the stars
It is a gift He cannot count
So it is with my love for you
How can I tell you of my love?
Strong as the eagle, soft as the dove,
Patient as the pine tree
That stands in the sun and whispers to the wind...
"You are the one!"
Dakota Proverb

I have been to the end of the earth.
I have been to the end of the waters.
I have been to the end of the sky.
I have been to the end of the mountains
I have found none that are not my friend.


Alaska, the very core
Of the last untouched frontier.
A wild and snowy land, Northern lights
Dancing across the sky,
Ponderous polar bears
Shuffling across the ice. . .