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Indigenous Peoples'

"Dedicated to the 400 million unseen/unheard people on this planet.
Let these images forever be a reminder of their existence."


"P'naci" (Nahuatl)
To All Native Peoples

"Ani-Yunwiya" (Tsalagi/Cherokee)
To All Non-Tsalagi Native Peoples


"Not to be aware of the past is to be forever a child,
but those of us who forget the past are condemned to repeat it.

Mankind IS the sum of his ancestors."


"Whangaihia te tangata Ki te
ika ora ia mo ra tahi,
engari akohia ki te hi ora
ia mo ake tonu ake (atu)."

Feed a man with fish,
he will live from day to day,

teach him how to fish,
he will live forever."

- Maori

ke malama óe i ka áina,
na ka áina e malama
ia óe

When you take care of the land,
the land will nourish you.

- Hawaiian

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