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Andean Music Groups
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"Llullakuyqua p'uchukanimi, cheqayllan wi ay wi ay kawsan...

La mentira se va, solamente la verdad por siempre existe.

The lies will go, only the truth lasts forever."

Iroquois Shuffle
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Lusi Vulcan

quiero pegar un grito de liberacion
despues de siglo y medio de humillacion
Quiero tengan tus dias
destino mejor y el futuro
sonria prometedor

Prayer with Music
(spoken by Burt Reynolds)
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Kokopelli Legends
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Aboriginal Music Project

Bury My Heart (Contemporary Music)

Cultural Music of the Americas

En Las Serrani

Geronimo's Song

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Kekuhi Kanahele (Hawaiian Music)

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Native Music and Arts:
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Rainbow Walker Music
Huckleberry Fields at Mt. Adams Washington

Song Directory (Educational)

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Weaving Our Future

Music by Charles Littleleaf

Whitefish Bay Singers

Willard Rhodes Collection

Field recordings of North American Indian music, 1940-1952
(on the Library of Congress Special Collections page)

Music Is All Around Me
Whispers of Earth Medicine
Father Heaven, Mother Earth
An Artist's Home Page: New
"Music gives a soul to the Universe,
wings to the Wind,
flight to the Imagination,
life to all Things.
It makes marble statues weep....."

Listening is the Key

Listening is the key:

to music and life

Listening to the breath,
the heartbeat,
the inner self.

Listen to what you feel,

Listen to what you see,

Listen to what you think,

Listen to what you say,

Listen to what you pray.

Listen to you,

Listen to me,

Listen, to listen


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