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Mexican Geneology

Somos Primos

Mexico has been the fourth largest source of immigrants since 1820, and by far the largest source of immigrants in recent years. In fact, Mexican immigration has occurred in varying amounts for hundreds of years. In addition, many Mexicans "moved" to the United States as a result of the annexations of Texas and the West.

Early in the twentieth century, large numbers of Mexicans came to the U.S. to work in agriculture in California or as miners and track layers throughout the West. This pattern of Mexicans coming north of the border in search of better paying jobs has continued until the present day, with the largest numbers of Mexican-Americans residing in California, New Mexico, and Texas.

Contacts and Sources

Chicano Research Collection

Department of Archives and Manuscripts

Hayden Library, Arizona State University

Box 871006

Tempe, AZ 85287-1006

Telephone: (602) 965-3145

Los Fundadores and Friends of Santa Clara County, California

1509 Warburton Avenue

Santa Clara, CA 95050

Telephone: (408) 926-1165, or (408) 248-ARTS for a recorded schedule of events

Publication: Los Fundadores

Hispanic History and Ancestry Research

9511 Rockpoint Drive

Huntington Beach, CA 92646

Institute of Genealogy and History for Latin America

316 West 500 North

St. George, UT 84770

Telephone: (801) 652-1710

Fax: (801) 674-5787


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Institute of Genealogy and History for Latin America

Society of Hispanic Historical and Ancestral Research

Web Sites

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* Mexican immigration to the United States: A Study of Human Migration and Adjustment, by Manuel Gamio

* Ethnic Chronology Studies: The Chicanos in America, 1540-1974, by Richard A. Garcia

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* Tracing your Hispanic Heritage, by George Ryskamp

* Una Bibliografía de Historias Familiares de Latinoam Zýrica y Los Estados Unidos, by Lyman D. Platt, Ph.D.

* Tracing Your Hispanic Heritage, by George R. Ryskamp

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