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Julian Samora Research Institute

Chicano Studies Program (at the University of Wisconsin-Madison)

*Bilingual/Latino Resources on the Net
*Chicano Studies Program (Departments)
*CLNET Home Page
*Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute
*Connecting to CyberRaza
*Hispanic/Latino TelaraĎa
*Hispanic Resources
*Latino Connection: Mega Site
*Latino Hotsites with a Focus
*Latino Web
*Latino Link


Joint project of Chicano Studies Research Center, UCLA, and
Linguistic Minority Research Institute at University of
California at Santa Barbara.


Gateway to Chicano-Latino library resources, organizations,
listservs, statistics, electronic publications, and much more.
WAIS searchable.

*Mexico Links
*Mi Casa
*Other Hispanic Links
*Research Centers
*Society for Advancement of Chicanos and Native Americans in Science Home Page
*Spanish-speaking Countries
*NCLR (National Council of La Raza)
*Puerto Rican Pages (IPRNET-Related Links)
*Who is Who in the Hispanic WEB
*WWW Sites for Latinos/as

Indigenous Roots

The American Indian: A Multimedia Encyclopedia

Facts on File, Inc.
460 Park Ave. S.
New York, NY 10016

Type: Full-text, audio, image; available on CD-ROM
History of North American tribes and leaders.

Bibliography of Native North Americans on Disc

Human Relations Area Files, Inc. (HRAF)
755 Prospect St.
P.O. Box 2054, Yale Station
New Haven, CT 06520

Type: Bibliographic; available on CD-ROM
Citations to various publication types on Native North

The Indian Question
Objective Computing
P.O. Box 51246
Indianapolis, IN 46251

Type: full text, image, bibliographic, CD-ROM
Contains complete text of selected 19th century documents on
American Indian history

Marvell University Documents

ftp sunsite.unc.edu
Texts of historic documents

Singing Light

Mendocino, California County Library
105 N. Main Street
Ukiah, CA 95482-4482

Type: Multimedia; available on CD-ROM
Contains photographs, sound, documentation on Native American
culture in Mendocino County area

*Articles about Columbus
*Azteca Home Page
*Chiapas Events
*First Encounter in the Americas
*Indians and Mestizos in the Americas
*Indigenous Peoples of Mexico
*Legends of the Americas
*Music Source for "Mi Familia"
*Other Stories from the Americas
*Our Mayan Legacy
*Stories by Roberto Rodriguez & Patrisia Gonzales

Other Home Pages

*Affirmative Action
*Are Chicanos the same as Mexicans?
*El Centro de la Raza Home Page
*Cultural Heritage Resources On-Line in Southern California
*Famous Hispanics
*Hispanic Heritage
*Index of Minority Scholarships and Fellowships
*Minority Encouragement and Cultural Diversity Programs
*Minority Index
*Minority Index - FEDIX
*Minority Health Agencies
*Minority Institution Current Events
*MOLIS Home Page

Minority On-Line Information Service (MOLIS)
Federal Information Exchange, Inc. (FIE)
555 Quince Orchard Rd.
Suite 200
Gaithersburg, MD 20878

Telnet fedix.fie.com; login: new

Type: Full-text; available online through FIE Information on African-American and Hispanic colleges and universities, scholarships, federal assistance plans, quality education for minorities network, and science and engineering.

*Race and Ethnicity Specific Resources
*Saludos Web
*They're Taking Over! - Myths about Multiculturalism

Gopher Sites

*Chicano Database (MSU)
*Chicano Web Resources
*Coleccion Tloque Nahuaque
Tloque Nahuaque

Cerca juntos tloque nahuaque,
pero la utop╠a de creer en lo incre╠ble
tloque nahuaque vuelva a ser lo que ya no puede ser:

unidos todos tloque nahuaque unidos todos.

El mito que resuena desde los viejos soles
esta en el inconsciente y la raza lo siente,
como la tierra calma y desde adentro llama el fuego que se enciende
es creaci█n unificada tloque nahuaque por la utop╠a
reunidos fusionados cual dedos de la mano resurgen los guerreros del lago sepultado.
Se harĚ la guerra florida con fuerzas transformadas
serpientes que se arrastran podrĚn ser emplumadas.
Ceca juntos tloque nahuaque por la utop╠a de creer en lo incre╠ble
tloque nahuaque que vuelva a ser lo que ya no puede ser unidos todos.

*Diversity Database

CHICLE--Chicano Literature e-Conference

Listserv for discussion of Chicano literature

Chicano Database on CD-ROM

University of California, Berkeley
Chicano Studies Library
3404 Dwinelle Hall
Berkeley, CA 94720

Type: Bibliographic; available on CD-ROM
Contains citations to articles, books, and other published

Chicano Studies Research Library Database

UCLA Online Catalog
Monographs and dissertations on chicano studies. Does not
include journal articles.

Diversity on the Internet: Latino and Chicano Resources

Linda Heise
University of Michigan Clearinghouse for Subject-Oriented
Resource Guides

Gopher una.hh.lib.umich.edu
inetdirs/guides on the social sciences

Film/Video Materials for Programs on Hispanics

Gopher una.hh.lib.umich.edu
List of films and videos on Hispanics

HAPI Online

University of California, Los Angeles
Latin America Center
405 Hilgard Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90024

Type: Bibliographic; available online via UCLA and on CD-ROM
Includes citations to scholarly articles, literary works and
related publications. Corresponds to Hispanic American
Periodicals Index.


Hispanic Information Exchange (HISPANEX)
16161 Ventura Blvd., Suite 830
Encino, CA 91436

Type: Bibliographic; available on batch basis from producer.
Provides bibliographic descriptions of Spanish collections in
major California libraries.

Puerto Rican Culture Newsgroup
Messages are in Spanish and English

CERLAC (Centre for Research on Latin America and the Caribbean, York University)

Attention: Liddy Gomes at 416-736-5237 (or cerlaclg@vm1.yorku.ca)

Phone:    (416)  736-5237

Fax:      (416)  736-5737

Address:  	Rm. 240 York Lanes, 4700 Keele St.,

		North York, Ont.  M3J 1P3

contact: Kim Jarvi at 416-756-2581 (or ecgr2037@dept.econ.yorku.ca)

 Development Education Centre, Inter-Church Committee on Human Rights in Latin America,

 Latin America Working  Group, Maquila Solidarity Network, the Mexico Group

-  Alejandro  Alvarez  Bejar,  economist  and  labour specialist  with the National Autonomous University  of Mexico

-  Nibaldo Galleguillos of McMaster University

-  Ricardo Grinspun of the Centre for Research on Latin America and the Caribbean at York University

-  Bob Jeffcott of the Maquila Solidarity Network

-  Dick Roman of The Mexico Group and University of Toronto

-  Suzanne  Rumsey, Inter-Church Committee  on  Human Rights in Latin America

-  Judith Teichman, University of Toronto

"Every mestizo is one less Indian -- or one more Indian waiting to reemerge."

Jose Barreiro, Taino/Guajiro

"To be Chicana/Chicano is to be indigenous."

Vivian Lopez, Yaqui/Apache

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