MCLR - Planned Projects

Outreach, Recruitment and Retention

To expand our support for Latino students. MCLR is concerned with the small number of Latino college graduates. Fifty percent of Latino students do not complete high school. MCLR supports already existing recruitment and retention programs at universities within the consortium. The goal is to extend this support to primary and secondary schools, as well as colleges throughout the Midwest.

University-Community Partnerships

To develop partnerships between the Latino community and higher education institutions which facilitate communication and increase the number of Latinos completing advanced degrees.

Competitive Research Initiation Grants Program

To support the development of Latino scholars and promote Latino scholarship through a seed grant program that provides modest stipends to researchers, faculty, and students who conduct field research studies. These studies will focus on the educational, social, political, and economic conditions of Latinos in the Midwest.

Policy Research Publication

To encourage a scholarly outlet for Latino policy research and public-policy-oriented research on the growing, but largely unknown Midwestern Latinos.

Intensive Seminars For Prospective Latino Researchers

To introduce prospective Latino researchers from the Midwest to selected case studies on Latino communities. Knowledge and skills about the fundamentals of different research methodologies required to pursue careers in related areas will be shared.

Latino Faculty/Scholar Exchange

To provide opportunities for Latino faculty and graduate students to visit other campuses to share their insights and scholary interests on Latinos in the Midwest.

Five Year Strategic Plan

To develop a Five Year Strategic Plan intended to increase the presence and enhance the status of Latino Scholars in the Midwest. The plan also calls for the encouragement and support of scholarship on Midwestern Latino issues. A series of grant proposals will be prepared to fund projects such as the development of a Latino studies curriculum; support for pre-doctoral research and travel; research seminars; and visiting scholars programs.

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Last Updated: March 11, 1996