MCLR - Roundtable Participants


Abrego, Carmen				The University of Iowa 

Aguilar,Teresita			University of Nebraska-Lincoln                                                                                    Uni@ersity of Nebrask@-@incol

Almaguer, Tomas				University of Michigan-Ann Arbor

Anaya, Guadalupe			Indiana Iniversity-Bloomington

Aparicio, Francis			University of Michigan-Ann Arbor

Barceló, Rusty Nancy			University of Iowa

Calderon, Calixto			University of Illinois-Chicago

Canabal, Maria E.			Illinois State University

Carramirñana, Rodrigo			University of Illinois-Chicago

Carranza, Miguel A.			University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Casillas, Lillian			Indiana University-Bloomington

Casas, Maria Raquel			University of Wisconsin-Madison

Chavez, Manuel				Michigan State University

Cook, Belinda Silva			Midwest Consortium 

						for Latino Research

Corbatta, Jorgelina			Wayne State University

Cuello, José				Wayne State University

Davila, Luis				Indiana University-Bloomington

Davis, Martha				Indlana University-Bloomington

Dirié, Gerardo				Indiana University-Bloomington

Escalante, Jim				University of Wisconsin-Madison

Flores, Richard				University of Wisconsin-Madison

Garcia, Laura				Indiana University-Bloomington

Garibay, Javier				Wayne State University

Grajeda, Ralph				University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Guzmán, Carrie				Michigan State University

Hornbaker, Daniel			Midwest Consortium 

						for Latino Research

Hurtado, Sylvia				University of Michigan-Ann Arbor

Kerr, Louise Año Nuevo			University of Illinois-Chicago

Khisty, Lena				University of Illinois-Chicago

Kuthy, Maria de Lourdes			Michigan State University

Lightfoot, Theodora,			University of Wisconsin-Madison

Lopez-Springfield, Consuelo		Indiana University-Bloomington

Masud-Piloto, Félix			DePaul University

Mazón, Manuel Reyes			Wayne State University

Mondragón, Delfí			Creighton University

Ortiz, David				Indiana University-Bloomington

Ortiz, Victor				University of Illinois-Chicago

Pigno, Antonia Quintana			Kansas State University

Rochin, Linda				University of California-Davis

Rochin, Refugio				Michigan State University

Rodriguez, José E.			The University of Iowa

Rodriguez, Roberto			Black Issues in Higher Education

Rosa, Iris					Indiana University-Bloomington

Rosas, Mel				Wayne State University

Sanchez, George				University of Michigan-Ann Arbor

Simich-Dudgeon, Carmen			Indiana University-Bloomington

Solís, José				DePaul University

Sorell, Victor				Chicago State University

Torchinsky Alberto			Indiana University-Bloomington

Turner, Caroline Sotello		University of Minnesota

Valdés, Dennis				University of Minnesota

Villarruel, Francisco			Michigan State University

Villarruel, Toni			University of Michigan-Ann Arbor

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Last Updated: March 11, 1996