MCLR - Ongoing Projects

Annual Roundtable

One of our main goals has been to stress the importance of faculty development issues. Based on the 1994 Roundtable "Partnership for A Midwest Latino Academic Leadership," held in Bloomington-Indiana, we established an agenda for future Roundtables. The 1995 Scholars' Roundtable at Michigan State University focused on "Latinos and the Tenure Process." The theme for the 1996 Scholars' Roundtable in Nebraska will be "Latinos and Academic Leadership."


MCLR developed the first U.S. Latino electronic network. In 1994, at a conference at UCLA on the "Latino Super Information Highway," MCLR received recognition for setting the national standard for Latino electronic news networks. The network has become a valuable source of information and scholarly exchange at a national level. As of 1995, the news network has reached international audiences.

MCLR WWW Home Page

MCLR is establishing a home page on the World Wide Web to supplement its current news network. The home page will highlight current and proposed MCLR work and, in addition, will devote a section to highlight member institutions and the work they are doing on behalf of Latinos in the Midwest. The current address for the MCLR home page is:

Latino Faculty Survey

During the Spring and Summer, MCLR developed a survey of Latino faculty in the Midwest. Data collected will be used to write a grant proposal for the implementation of the second and third phases of this three part project. The second phase will include a general survey of Latino faculty within member institutions. The third phase will extend the survey to the entire region of the Midwest. At present, the analysis of data from the pilot project is being prepared for publication by DePaul University.

Latino Resource Directory

A comprehensive Latino Resource Directory and Data Base will serve as a means to establish connections between graduate students and researchers throughout the Midwest. In addition, the directory will be a source of information on Latino Faculty for mentoring programs, seminars and lectureships, scholarly exchange, and the creation of leadership programs.

Reprint Series

In conjunction with the Julian Samora Research Institute, MCLR will reprint scholarly articles reporting research on Latinos in the Midwest.
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Last Updated: March 28, 1996