A Latino Publication with a National Outlook and Midwest Focus

Diálogo is a bilingual publication of the Center for Latino Research at DePaul University. It has a national outlook and midwest regional focus. It publishes scholarly articles, essays, interviews and creative work concerning Latina/o communities in the U.S., as well as Latin American affairs. It serves as a forum for dialogue on U.S. Latina/o concerns. It publishes the work of scholars, community leaders and organizers, as well as artists and students.

Based in the midwest, Diálogo endeavors to serve as a bridge between the larger Latina/o communities in the eastern, western, and southern United States. With its Latina/o focus, Diálogo highlights the diversity of the Latina/o communities throughout the United States. We strive to publish works on the more established Latino groups such as Méxicans, Puerto Ricans and Cubans, as well as more recent arrivals including, for example, Dominicans, Guatemalans, and Colombians.

Guidelines for Submitting Work

We invite and will consider all forms of expression. Articles, research projects, essays, interviews, and creative work must not exceed twenty pages. The maximum page length for book reviews is six pages. Poetry and works of fiction are also welcomed. Please note that in all categories, there is no page minimum.

If you are submitting a photo essay we prefer black and white photographs. However, we will consider color photographs. When submitting your work we ask that you write a short description of it. Photo essays should not exceed more than ten pages or ten photographs.

Please submit a self-addressed post card along with one copy of your work to:

Center for Latino Research
DePaul University
2320 N. Kenmore
Chicago, Illinois, 60614-3298

Telephone: (312) 325-7472
Fax: (312) 325-7304

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Last Updated: March 10, 1996