Advancing and

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the Latino Experience

De Paul University - Center for Latino Research

*Mission Statement

The Center for Latino Research (CLR) compliments DePaul's commitment as an urban Catholic institution by advancing and enhancing our understanding of the Latino experience. We invest in the empowerment of Latino communities in Chicago, the midwest and the nation by supporting qualitalive and quantitative research providing community based organizations with university resources, creating learning opportunities for future scholars and offfering insightful publications.


Since 1985 the Center has generated publications focusing on Latino life in the United States, organized collaborative research projects involving students and faculty hosted guest speakers representative of the Latino social fabric in the United States, enhanced community research efforts and provided valuable learning opportunitics for students of all ethnicities.


*Latino Chicago Oral History Project

This is an initiative to document and prerve the histories of Latino communities in the city of Chicago. Projects include the history of the Young Lords Organization, and their role in the Lincoln Park communinity during the 1960's and 70's.

*Student Research Internships

In conjunction with the LA&S Office of Internships, CLR offers undergraduate and graduate students the opportunity to learn qualitative field methods while engaged in existing CLR projects.

*African American/Latino Data Base Lab

This collaborative effort with the Center for African American Research provides community organizations, students, policy analysts, and researchers with quantitative data pertinent to African American and Latino communities throughout Chicago.

*Latino Archives at the John T. Richardson Library

The Archives house all CLR publications, historical artifacts such as photographs, posters, and primary source documents of historical significance to the Latino Institute Papers and the Venceremos Brigade Collection of Cuban Documents and Books.



Diálogo publishes scholarly articles,essays, interviews, and creative work concerning Latino communities in the United States and Latin American affairs. It serves as a vehicle for dialogue and discussion on U.S. Latino concerns. Diálogo publishes the work of scholars, community leaders and organizers, as well as artists and students.

*Occasional Papers and Lectures on Latino and Latin American Issues

The Occasional Papers and Lectures on Latino and Latin American Issues provide a forum for scholars and activists from all areas of expertise on Latinos and Latin America. The series welcomes and encourages contributions from scholars in all disciplines.

*Regional and National Links

*Midwest Consortium for Latino Research (MCLR)

MCLR is an association of Latino scholars which provides a nurturing environment for intellectual and emotional support. Its purpose is to produce and promote Latino scholars and scholarship by fostering a receptive environment. CLR has been an active member of MCLR since its inception.

*Latina/Latino Leadership Opportunity Program (LLOP)

The Latino/a Leadership Opportunity Program (LLOP), funded by the Ford Foundation and sponsored by the Inter-University Program for Latino Research (IUP), educates and trains undergraduate Latino and Latina students in policy and leadership skills.

LLOP is a one-year program designed for Latina/Latino undergraduate students interested in research, policy-making and leadership. Funded by the Ford Foundation, the LLOP offers selected participants an opportunity to engage in leadership training and related academic and community activities. LLOP fully recognizes the diverse and complex nature of the Latino experience. Due to limited slots, the program is competitive and only ten DePaul students are accepted into the program each year. For more information and applications call us at:

Approximately 50 Latina and Latino undergraduate students with demonstrated community involvement, leadership, and academic achievement are selected annually to participate in this national program. They receive a full year of public policy training and analysis regarding issues especially pertinent to the Latino communities. Participants attend a Summer Policy Training Institute and local activities held at each regional site.

National Office

LLOP's National Office
UCLA Chicano Studies Research Center
P.O. Box 951544
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1544

Tel: (310)206-7574
Fax: (310)206-3636

For more information please contact the National Director:

C. Beatriz Lopez-Flores

*Selected Courses on Latinos and Latin America at Depaul University

HIS. 377 Caribbean Migrations to the United States.

HIS. 312 Latinos in the United States.

POL. 325 Latino Political Enpowerment.

EE. 313 Bilingual Curriculum and Instruction at the Elementary Level.

SOC. 311 Sociology of Latino Culture.

SPN. 303 Latin American Literature & Culture.

POL. 252 Latin American Politics.

HIS. 307 The Making of Modern Latin America.

HIS. 311 History of the Caribbean.

SPN. 305 Latin American Novel.

Félix Masud-Piloto, Ph.D

Mervin Méndez
Assistant Director

For more information please call (312) 325-7317
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