"Makah spoken history tells the story of ancient times when the Makah People, the qwiqwidicciat lived in a world that revolved around the sea and land. Yet it never lets one forget the great cultural changes that brought the tribe to where it is today, a sovereign nation in its traditional homeland. Makah tribal members live both on and off the reservation and throughout the world practicing an intertwined contemporary and native culture. The Makah, both past and present, have demonstrated their ability to adapt, survive and flourish."
- Native Peoples of the Olympic Peninsula,
By the Olympic Peninsula Intertribal Advisory Committee


Fires in the North
The Makah Indians of Washington State told a story that the aurora borealis (northern lights) were fires in the Far North, over which a tribe of dwarfs, half the length of a canoe paddle and so strong they caught whales with their hands, boiled blubber.

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