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The above video contains Yoorman Hamin
sung by Mir Wali, a famous Chitrali singer

"Yoorman Hamin"

composed by Baba Siyar,
a Chitrali poet and mystic

I roam on the mountains as if I trod on hot ashes,
The sword of love has stricken me;
I made of my self a shield of two bones.

Oh Yoorman Hamin!

Oh Fairy I swear by God after seeing you there is no light,
Night and day are alike dark to me, no dawn comes to me.

Oh Yoorman Hamin!

The curls of my bulbul are like rosebuds and maiden hair fern,
Come sit by me and sing like a mynah or a bulbul.
Oh Yoorman Hamin!

Still I look at you; you turn away and look else where,
My life is yours, why do look at my enemies?

Oh Yoorman Hamin

Your long ringlets and your well-curled hair are like bedmushk
You bind up your locks to slay this lad.

Oh Yoorman Hamin

I sigh day and night for the bulbul,
I kiss your pearly ringlets in my dreams.

Oh Yoorman Hamin

Translated into English by
Colonel Jhon Biddulph in 1876

Burushaski song and translation

Un'e shule men fana o mannan unar begolel
Some one is longing for your love, but you don't know.

Men ashiq'ye zamun shuchan unar begolel
Some one is suffering in your love, but you don't know.

Khushba akuman fikerenge tufano lo chapba
Don't think that I'm glad, I am in storm of woes.

Berum un'e yadlo heraba unar begolel
How much I have cried in your love, but you don't know.

Hal satsumu arama pe ya thapmo dang api
I am left with charmless days and sleepless nights.

Mu belate ja ase hun nebela unar begolel
Now my heart is dying, but you don't know

Shahid shule maidano lo but chor qadam o sa
Shahid, you have stepped into the world of love too early.

Khot ishqe gamish besan bela unar begolel unar begolel
The aftermath of love, you don't know you don't know.

(Translated into English by Zahid Hussain Kanjuti)

Kalash Poem

Krathiman krathiman may ruaw tu i
Smiling (or laughing),smiling (or laughing) come before me

Dras’ni mastrukas barabar una i
Come, appear with the rising moon

Ashek hardi khoji bazarai paraw
Love–sick heart went searching in the bazar

May zindagi tay intazarai paraw
My life disappeared, waiting for you

Ko paraw ko paraw
Why did it go? why did it go?

Kal’as’a deshaw bus’bira
Mature male goat from the Kalasha valleys

Talim K.Z. ghon’ zhe nat’ kariu day
Talim K.Z. is singing and dancingMessage with it to you:

Kal'as'a mutibus' T.K Bazik,
Kalasha …….male goat T.K. Bazik

gho'n' nyiay asau ne bhai dorik,
He has got the song out, not able to wait

ne bhai hardi trupai shiau troik,
Not being able, his heart hurts, (we) will weep

ghon' zhe nat' kai asau, kia dunik?
He has made a song and a dance, what are we to think?

shama jagaa phato maa zhe matrik
Watch this then read it and (we)will say it aloud

khosh mimi hiu e...gheri pashik.
Do you all like it ? See you again

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