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Words from our Brothers & Sisters in Mexico


It is a small collective sample of the emergent Indian culture. The five Authors here assembled, conspirator, are to the time exponents of three languages, Tzeltal, tzotsil and chol.

Every author is a thief Of his (its, her) own (proper) words or of foreign words: this it is the task of the writer: To steal the word from the things, from the elements and from the persons and to face The life knowing they say what and writing this wisdom in order that Others know of the secret language of the own (proper) word.

" To get drunk with words It is the wisdom ", the personage of Josías's story affirms López K’ana, tzeltal of Oxchuc. So many K’ana since (as) Huet they have given a jump Very big in the treatment of his (its, her) stories: of the "escrituración" Of the narrated in the oral tradition, they jump to the creation, dividing Of the historical and social elements of his (its, her) communities. Not only They are the scribes of histories, now they recreate his (its, her) histories and outline them And they order(arrange) in agreement the Spanish well versed and rigorously learned for The effect that is, in this case, literary. But his(her,its) is a Spanish Where the speakers of the above mentioned histories do not mislead his (its, her) colloquial forms, On the contrary, they give them vigor and contundencia.

In both stories the magic It (He, She) plays an essential paper (role). On the one hand, in Thief of Words Of Josías Lopez K’ana the concept poet exceeds to that one possessed For the " black bile ", according to the former Europeans, in the emissary From His (Its) story the word recovers, relieves, recovers to the patients and defeat The evilness: the real word transforms, it is not an adornment.

On His (Its) part (report), in Stepwise Nicolás Huet indicates every Tuesday and Thursday as sacred days, The doors of the universe are opened and It (He, She) can spend(pass) the unspeakable thing in These blessed days. This way the sadness happens(passes,goes on) and weighs to the doors Of the family huixteca in a moment and in a situation that we prune to affirm That still(yet) does not end: the literature is a memory, this one can do History and again literature. The recreation of the history of them Communities it is the still most ample topic, now in the pen(feather) of his (its, her) own (proper) authors and representatives.

In the sections of poetry (poem) It happens slightly similar. Juana Karen, young poet chol, gives form to His (Its) voice with poems Simple and colloquial, so much in her(it) since(as,like) in Ruperta Bautista Vásquez Acteal is a wound in the creative conscience. But unlike Karen, Ruperta resorts to the poetical image, evokes and synthesizes, raises problems From the apprehension of the reality with his (its, her) creative ideas.

On His (Its) part (report), using structures Classic of the poetics, Enrique Perez Lopez writes In verse, in His (Its) natal language since(as,like) in Spanish, the sonnet uses and Quartet in Alexandrine. The Indian poetry (poem), across his (its, her) poets, tests Imperishable models; the sonnets in tzotzil acquire not only It (He, She) forms, But an original pérfil of artistic expression that in very A little time will be dominated to fullness and turned to trasculturizar for novel Attempts of a poetry (poem) and a poetics that as such, they will be Universal. Enrique reaches musical levels without thinking only In the music. It is important to observe this particular pace and how This one cannot dissociate from the topic.

To the question how It (He, She) does a sonnet in tzotzil?, only we transfer the syllabic metrics To the different languages of the writers who took part in " laboratory Of poetical expression " and the results today are in The hands of the readers. Pace, music, heap and exposition (approach) touches enjuiciarlos Whom they read in His (Its) natal language, since(as,like) in Spanish, the compositions Here contained.

The translation of every Work belongs to His (Its) author: in Spanish, tzotzil, tzeltal and chol the authors They wrote histories and similar poems to guard the loyalty with His (Its) work.

Sworn in word It was the project with which the Cultural Space Jaime Sabines obtained support of National Fund for the Culture and the Arts for the accomplishment of His (Its) VI Qualified in Literary Creation (October 1997 - July 1998), and for The coordination of literary workshops and of promotion of the reading. Besides, between(among) others, an achievement of the same project was the organization Of " laboratory of poetry (poem) ", which result is this Word Conspired, but especially, the work and permanency of the authors Here conspired.

Finally, a compliment And sincere gratefulness to whom they made the publication possible of This book: Gabriel Ramirez managed with Laura Gabriela Bravo Ochoa and the Juvenile Center of Integral Promotion, A.C., the impression Of this Sworn in Word.


Jose Antonio Kings Matamoros

St Kitts of the Houses, on January 21, 1999.


The thief of words

Josías Lopez K’ana 1

So many Poets

Juana Karen Peñate Montejo 19

On Monday in the well

Ruperta Bautista Vázquez 29

Stepwise Nicolás Huet Baptizer 45

Singings to celebrate

Enrique Perez Lopez 75



Josías Lopez K’ana

Xmaruch, Xmaruch, please, bring me A bit(Little) of pox, my throat is dry. Worry, Xmaruch!, worry!, I want a bit of cane, say to you. Still(yet) life exceeds me, because I am the nest of the words.

Thank you(Grace,Thanks), Xmaruch, graces(thanks). Already It is late, the Sun lights the top of the hill where the hero is buried Of our people(village). It (He, She) does not matter, is not interested to me how they go being accumulated The hours. We have lived united since our parents resolved(reminded) it, we will continue This way, until the creative being decides for us.

Already you do not weep For Xmaruch, do not cry More. I have to die anyhow, already It (He, She) touches to me, I will rest well When it(he) is dead. One wanted to see how the face is illuminated of A young man when It (He, She) knows that to know from the man can neither be inherited nor to enrich with He(It), it is a prodigious product. Yes, for him(it) it is a thing of Past(Spent,Passed) and a mystery enormísimo. For us it is the essence of our(ours) Life, of our immortality, to know assembles us, gives us conscience Of what we are.

To the young men of today Still(Yet) they are necessary to know by the essence of our life, though they say everything it I contradict, It (He, She) is the true, they stutter on having spoken, handle badly the words, them Words of our first parents.

You resolve(remind) Xmaruch yourself, when The young Raggedy beggar came to the house, the son of don Michael Wakax? Yes, the same Michael that five years ago killed. Accompanied wine Of His (Its) young wife, It (He, She) was bringing bandaged with rags the straight foot. It (He, She) was trembling And gemía of pain. According to him(it), when It (He, She) was going to His (Its) milpa, It (He, She) slipped And it was hurt with His (Its) machete. Yes, It (He, She) was bringing skinny the face of So much(many) pain. he (she) begged me to treat it; since I did not refuse, I agreed Attending to it, is my duty to help my similar ones. This way they taught(showed) me My forbears.

I asked him(her) with affection for that It (He, She) was removing It (He, She) bandages her of His (Its) foot, he refused, he (she) was assuring so immensly Pain and it was arched to demonstrate it. I did not request him(her) any more, but in his (its, her) lips I managed to read something strange. Sooner or later It (He, She) would discover The truth.

I used tobacco molido with Lime. Our forbears were nominating it may, I continue using it, and It (He, She) protects us of The malignant spirits that ululan in the nights in search of lost souls, It (He, She) helps to extract the disease, lessens the pain of any wound or twisting. Also I used copal. With the aroma and the smoke of the incense I fumigated To my patient. With the smoke I trace the fingerprints of the evil. On having found forehead(front) forehead(front) To forehead(front) with the reason, I catch her and end her of once. It (He, She) is not easy, Sometimes the evil refuses and still(yet) carcajea burlonamente. But my conscience It(She) is clean and pure, and the evil ends for prostrating itself(himself,herself).

A week Raggedy beggar returned. I am sure that has not forgotten you, Xmaruch. He was a calmed and serious boy, he (she) liked to work the milpa. Already time, Xmaruch, our lands are steep Hillsides, the Sun has entrusted crumbling them, nonetheless(though) we have Could harvest sufficient food. We live thanks to the maize, this grain It is the omnipresent base of our history. It is true that I am a respected man And they look for me frequently, my years of peregrination. I possess A language that penetrates the limit of the earthly thing and enters to the world Mysterious of the gods. I go to the church, ignite candles and intone(enliven) singings that They break the silence and there cheer the heart of our ancestors, they They guard us cotidianamente of beyond(farther), and prohibit the sadness In our community. And across the vague dream in the depths Of the sky and of the land, I cross the recondite mansions of the authors Of the life. The wind that blows knows it, sometimes we travel together towards the infinite thing. But I earn the food as all the humble men who continue practising His (Its) talent, His (Its) work in the culture(culturing) inherited from our first parents. I work the land, am skillful(right) at using the axe, the palms of my hard hands They say everything.

Though Raggedy beggar knew Much of our people(village) and of our customs, his (its, her) knowledges were trivial. It (He, She) asked me again to treat it. This way I did it, It (He, She) does not please me To see to suffer the people. I said and asked God for force and power, not for Me, but to save this humble boy. God is my guiador, he he (she) says to me everything what I say, which I sing when I am treating my patients; This way they come healthy and safe to His (Its) home(fireplace). In me there is no hatred, rancor Not even revenge. My language is not riddled with lies, of turbiedad not Of garbage. I am a clean man. Though the patient does not say the reason to me of His (Its) Badly, I guess it and say his (its, her) truths to him(her). I am capable of returning the soul to whom It (He, She) lost her(it) for having scared, fallen down or lied.

Poor Raggedy beggar. One saw Very finished. I took(caught) His (Its) foot on my legs. How It (He, She) was shouting, It (He, She) did not want That was touching it. Nevertheless, His (Its) moan was not looking like that of a patient, anything It (He, She) was planning. his (its, her) hands were trembling, maybe of desperation. Him(her) I did not smear No medicine, this way he (she) asked me for it. You upset I sprayed it With a bit(little) of drink, also the cane, the pox is a medicine.

On having said goodbye he (she) was grateful for me Still(Yet) the wretch; It (He, She) was taking a few eggs and It (He, She) gave them to me, not since he (she) pays Of my services but as sign of gratefulness. I must not enrich With my wisdom. Who receives(charges) his (its, her) services is a great liar, one Great charlatan, a simple malingerer. Who is wise since(as,like) me, It (He, She) does not do No business, to know is at the disposal of all. Because The wisdom is brought with it(him) from the birth, already the destined one comes To being a wise person. Not any person it can manage to be. Because of it I do not sit down Insignificant before nobody. This way I came to the world with the gift of recovering, it I bring from the abdomen of my mother.

Raggedy beggar promised me To return again. I said to him(her) that it(he) was not necessary, with two or three parties I recover To my patients. I suggested him(her) to rest a few days and soon It (He, She) would recover.

But something happened to him(her). To the three days It (He, She) returned. It (He, She) came very frightened, he (she) was not finding To say what. It (He, She) was doing efforts for not crying, but his (its, her) eyes were crying Alone. How it(he) is not going to be scared with the foot totally enllagado, I fill within of rotten water?

I expressed my confidence to him(her) And I asked him(her) to speak with the truth, without a sorrow(sentence), without dread, since One was thinking opposite to a man that he (she) can understand. Though It (He, She) did not want, he (she) started by saying that he wanted to be a tireless traveler since(as,like) I, a pecular(travelling) fish for the wealth of His (Its) own (proper) dream, but It (He, She) was not born For it. He glided to be a thief of words. he (she) thought that With the simple fact of learning my language, of learning my singing, already It (He, She) would be Wise person. Not, the gift of reading the secret of the life neither is bought nor is acquired. I sing to the sound of the drums, cross the wealth of the singing of the gods and I sail to will of the principal beings. I am an eternal traveler, because this way It I am, this way I was born, this way I have to die. When I get drunk with The language, with the words, I discover the origin of the evil. To get drunk with them Words it is the wisdom.

In me there is no witchcraft, But they accuse me of wizard, of wizard. There are envious people, they invent lies With the only intention of denigrating my personality. They cannot To destroy myself, I move under the empire of the words, of the sacred words

Of the gods. The young men They say to know very much, there speak about so many things neither that nor they deal, are orphan Cheated, orphan of language. They get drunk with foreign alcohol. Up to(Even) pelean, they kill themselves for wanting to occupy a place favoured in the life, not There realize that are sailing towards another course, where It (He, She) shelters the sadness. They must know that the voice of a wise person is clear(bright), brave, always honest.

Raggedy beggar had value, he(it) he (she) had invented a lie with the intention of stealing my language, My to know, to know of an emissary. As nothing him(her) It (He, She) used. The fury of her(it) Lie turned(became) against him(it). The curse acted. It (He, She) was Festered His (Its) foot.

It (He, She) started counting(telling) that His (Its) Major son had died not of disease but of hunger and pain, since(as,like) All the Mayan children die. Ironic, maybe because His (Its) heart It(He) was full of bitternesses, of hatred and be of revenge, It (He, She) gestured slightly With the hands since(as,like) queriendo ask to forgive. Him(her) I remembered(reminded) that all We have to die, our first parents never managed to discover a plant(floor) Curative in opposition to the death and probably It (He, She) will have for us days Luminous. Then It (He, She) returned to tint that is not afraid of the death, because it is one Simple reunion with the beings dear(wanted,loved) that they have gone away to the kingdom of the dead men, To the so called K'ATINBAK, but to the hunger that It (He, She) destroys without mercy, to the hunger That possesses a destructive power.

Because of it It (He, She) armed itself with value, he (she) invented lies, was made spend(pass) for a wounded man, It (He, She) did not want To suffer more, was thinking to leave the life of the poor and to change to another form Of living, he (she) believed that a wise man is a rich man, because of it It (He, She) tried To steal my language. Poor Raggedy beggar, in His (Its) repentance was not finding To say what. Him(her) I asked if His (Its) mistake, he was agreeing asintió With a movement of head. he (she) accepted His (Its) mistake for the same evaluation Of conscience that we do all. Admitting the weakness of one is to understand(include) her(it) Reality of our sobrevivencia and to know the sacred of a human being.

Since you it know Xmaruch, That one that commits mistakes is destined to die, only It (He, She) can save it A dozen of cuerizas. It (He, She) did not have any more remedy that to accept. It (He, She) approached To me and It (He, She) put of knees, I began to chicotearlo, It (He, She) stayed Rolling about in the ash of the burner. They will think that I am cruel, Because of it say to me wizard, messenger of the death, accomplice of the PUKUJ. But I am neither of one nor of other one, simply I am a man who was born with The singing, with the most precious(beautiful) language. If I do not give him(her) a few cuerizas to Raggedy beggar, His (Its) disease extendería as fire in a meadow Drought.

It (He, She) does greatly I spoke with Raggedy beggar and the wretch was happy, smiling, was taking His (Its) tercia of Fuelwood and His (Its) bunch of children. I managed to see in his (its, her) lips sincerity, I felt His (Its) repentance and saw in his (its, her) eyes the learning of what It (He, She) provoked. It (He, She) lowered the head, placed itself(himself,herself) opposite to me and asked me Advice for a better life.

Xmaruch, I have the well-being Of the word, as if nothing had happened(passed). My oldness returns more violent The life, he (she) had never felt that it(he) was slow the day, I sit like If something was loading, a heavy bundle that does not leave me to advance. Some day The death will come. About it I think. The death will come and I will put To resting forever. Xmaruch, Xmaruch, give me another drink of pox, with It (He, She) is Blessed drink I sit again the word. The word nourishes my soul, gives me vigor And you force.


Juana Karen Peñate Montejo


The man with wisdom is afraid,

He disappears in His deep dream,

When the destroyer governs Universe,

Being made(become) totally unsolemn.

The brilliant cosmos offers him(her),

Thought of the different man,

She ponders very fearfully

And she tries to conquer indurable.

The dread is removing slowly,

And she guards in different land the deception

Where the destroyer him(her) covered The mind.

The man walks, one speaks and comes,

His thought every time engrandece

As fruit-bearing and resistant tree.

The Hill

The bird sings His greatness

In the exciting hill

Every time It He announces His purity

And He sits vibrant happiness.

My soul shouts with gentility

Already in the hill a wayfarer!

He takes in His beak(peak) the beauty

That symbolizes a meditante.

The hill takes His looseness,

One day was filled of Complexity,

The man sustained an omission

The bird takes a flaming illusion,

That of the bees with another vision

And He leaves behind the cruelty.


In a starry dawn

I walked to the jungles of chambä Wits,

To my ear(hearing) the cricket was going

Singing with sadness.

I crossed the desert of yeba Wist,

In me they sprouted tears

Discovering a total emptiness,

In the world of yeba witx.

I continued walking to the compass Of the mukuy,

Up to coming to the jungles of chambä Wist,

Gasping to find the liquid

Concealed from the time.


So many poets I have listened

Between(Among) the flames of my loneliness

That the notes of my soul

They do not understand still(yet)

For what life It (He, She) fights

Enclosed in the fierros of the universe.

One morning I listen

To a Carmelite poet

Him(Her) one speaks happy to the frank(hearty) ones:

My wives weave and sew the henequén

Another morning, another poet

One speaks equally

Now It (He, She) is tabasqueño

Before the microphone

It (He, She) adorns his (its, her) beautiful wives

With flowery words.

On the following morning

I listen melancholy

To a poet of Acteal

And It (He, She) exclaims:

The end(purpose) of my world.


Ruperta Baptizer Vázquez

You say

You say that you laugh of our(ours) Tears

Looking at the humiliation of The blind persons,

You are young but on your skin It (He, She) weighs The old age.

You are happy dancing in the poverty

Sigh, lady Chulti ’! *

You say that you recover and pray with lances Of fire to hurt.

You love but donate a branch of hatred,

You construct and bombard ideas.

Sigh, lady Chulti ’!

You say that you know but load costales Of ignorance,

You listen but are deaf,

You are good but your shield is the evilness,

You shout freedom and with your ambition You enslave.

Sigh, lady Chulti ’!

You say that you look for justice but throb To the humanity,

You want equality and scales to slant Of the humble ones,

You prefer flying but you cut wings Foreign,

You want the peace but sowings I hate And war

Lady Chulti ’ why he (she) does not stop saying?

* Chulti ’: Lie, in Language tzotzil.

Natural menu

Electrocuting the essence of his (its, her) own (proper) bones,

Hung which(who) earrings in the four Cardinal points

Homo sapiens diverse seized to The skin of the world

Without brakes His (Its) square form is Of thought.

They chew fast(hastily) the young meat Green - blue

Extracting dry truths to one cold Breathing;

They savour a silent universal tune,

Drinking of His (Its) body, red liquor.

Sharp hands across The years

They cut in chunks the cosmic garment

Doing a salad of savía Negress,

They cook saucers of machines Ideological.

Since hipólitos they slip in His (Its) ardent trap

They sheltering of the upset heat Of the nature,

They run sweaty being destroyed In the pot of his (its, her) works.

They melt the multicolored notes of Globe

On brilliant emotional charolas.

They squeeze desperate planetary steam

Across His (Its) boiling oil Filosofal.

On Monday in the well

In the infancy of the day The Sun baths(bathes)

Perfuming the prayer of the humble ones.

A watch covers the healthy one Body of the place,

The treacherous attentive look.

Prayer and dampness of the jungle

In minutes they turn river Of blood,

The praises are dressed in agony

Floating in the destructive powder.

Killer men go decided

On souls buscadoras of justice:

Cowards act and wicked,

His (Its) noise of butcher's shop sits down.

The innocent ones touch to the inner(large) door Of the tomb

Destroyed(Beheaded) by the dominating testament,

They walk in the covered(overcast) soil of thorns(bones)

With His (Its) obliged death.

He is a witness the desperate air

And red tears of time

They cover the face of the orphans

Riddled venomously of machine guns.


The Sun sighs drops of hope

And It (He, She) stains, throbs, flutters in them Clouds.

The drums sound, shock the laughs Of the water,

The sky dances with happy disguise(front).

Overbearing beasts hurt

The white back of the freedom;

Sharp fangs crush

The small light of the lamp Pacific.

The white hairs of the time and the beatings Of the reason

They speak about big secret spots

Constructing an alone hope.

Stupid eyes crush her(it) It (He, She) goes,

It (He, She) reincarnates the injustice in red Waves;

Children's plaudits draw Black steps

Helped with the falsehood.

The wagon of putrid smell stops Fingerprints of blood,

It (He, She) splashes the poison of humiliating words,

The dignity resists with the permanency Of the wind.

To the death

In the beginning(principle) the sighs

They stroll around with the singing

Of birds messengers

And into desperation they turn.

The heart of the mother waits

The farewell of the existence,

Of his (its, her) eyes they sprout tears Red

Painted His (Its) face color of death.

It (He, She) traverses fast(hastily) the hatred,

It (He, She) stops(detains) the beatings of the life.

The ambition explodes,

It (He, She) ignites His (Its) poison of competition(competence),

Arraza to the moridunda ideology,

Silky fire remains.

Unnecessary reality

Inept desmensurada monotonous attitude

Apostles of the money monitor

In a fresh night,

They smell perfumed innocence.

The powerful one hides,

It (He, She) takes in His (Its) pocket the injustice,

It (He, She) uses monuments to the need,

It (He, She) provokes the hunger.

From His (Its) castle of trap

Foam of clashes spits;

And under His (Its) tower,

A river of prayers roars.

The rapists of the freedom

They shoot you tread scarcely visible,

The wound of the time repeats itself.

You tread destroyers

With the crime of the poverty

They try to escape of so(as) serious fault(sin)

Turning food of Guns

Or whiles of combat against His (Its) people(village).

Young men(women) ask,

Specialists answer with the shot Of grace(thanks)

In the head of the undernourished one.

Military men's heart laughs,

In his (its, her) eyes they guard dirty water.

Powerful weapon rains you bleat,

These men scream and go mad.

With strong shields and cannons,

They destroy children's dreams Scared,

Mercilessly they drag nake lives.

Damned faces feast His (Its) victory

In assassins' great carnival.

This way they link chains hambrunarias:

Emperors have a good time observing, they smile.


Nicolás Huet Baptizer

Muk'ta osil, Big Earth, Our land nailed between(among) green mountains and mountainous countries, Singing of multicolored birds is interwoven with the spring wind; there Our house was remolten, done of tejamanil, walls of tables Grosses, wrapped(involved) in the aroma of wild flowers. Recognized as the family Of the old religious, humblest cargo-boat of the huixtecos, but of Heart full of enthusiasm and happiness; a large family counting To my little brother Miguel, the smallest, It (He, She) was doing two weeks They baptized it in the temple of San Miguel Archangel, in the ceremonial center Of the people(village), still(yet) His (Its) Ch'ulel was coming to him(her).

On Tuesday and Thursday they are days Sacred, the doors of the world are opened. On a Thursday my dad It (He, She) returned from His (Its) work to the half day, I take off, with white shirt, Trousers of blanket stained with land, dirty, like that hair was obvious more His (Its) adult age. he (she) found my mom weaving and he (she) said to him(her):

- It (He, She) hears, woman! When iremos To Jobel, to buy the chile, the salt and the things that already we do not have?

My mom, very entertaining Weaving Miguelito's sarape, one scared on having listened to the voice of His (Its) husband, It (He, She) stopped weaving, rolled over to seeing it and answered him(her):

– Since I do not know ... but you I have said that already we do not have anything!

– Such what if we go tomorrow, This way we rest the day after tomorrow!

My mom smiled, It (He, She) untied the telar of His (Its) waist, coiled and answered it:

– Sigh, man ... but if do not do made Your load to go! When you are going to prepare her?

– Right now I can do her(it), if you want To go!

– Well, It (He, She) is nice, we go Of once, do your load and I am going to see what more is to go And then you help me to seize the chickens.

This way they put in agreement My parents to travel to the Jobel's great city.

My dad was obvious worried, Whistling sones since the musicians touch in the houses of the ensigns In the people(village); It (He, She) was for nets and costales emptinesses and the plastic some Old men, It (He, She) stretched them in the middle of the court, immediately It (He, She) brought two costales abundances Of wheat, the only crop that we had guarded in the year, The embrocó on the plastic ones. The chickens were bringing over to meet The wheat.

-Ux, ux, ux, ux, ¡ they go out blessed Chickens, It (He, She) is not for you this wheat, is to sell it! Pedro, what You are doing?, It (He, She) extracts the chickens of here – It (He, She) ordered(arranged) me my Dad.

My dad measured His (Its) grain, sheet of paper after sheet of paper, until a costal of wheat fits. It (He, She) prepared Another smaller costal, only had two liters. In these moments the late afternoon was falling down, the Sun was hiding itself between(among) the mountains; My sisters María and It (He, She) Was Shining they had come with his (its, her) animals Of the shepherding. After preparing His (Its) load my dad disappeared Awhile, It (He, She) went to the well to bath(bathe). My mom, purified and angry was doing Tortillas, his (its, her) eyes lagrimeaban therefore smoke on not having burned the fuelwood, It (He, She) grumbled To my sisters:

– Maria, what faeces, It (He, She) brings dry fuelwood, this one is green; you It (He, She) Was Shining, It (He, She) takes hold put for moler the pozol – the two started helping my mother.

The chickens approached to her(it) House seeking to sleep where. My mom stopped doing her(it) Food. My fresh and clean dad returned.

– You are going to take hold of once your chickens? – he (she) asked.

-Agarralos with your daughters, still(yet) I have to do what, right now I say to them cúales they are – while It (He, She) was walking To the tree of small peach where the chickens sleep.

– with three that we take It (He, She) is Well, truth?

– yes, It (He, She) is nice because We are not going to be able to go any more, our load weighs - my dad said. My mom looked at a rooster climbed in the tree of small peach and It (He, She) indicated it.

– also these two hens Old women, because they are very comelonas of milpa – and It (He, She) was indicating two fat hens That wanted to rise to the tree. I felt sadly my heart, Also my sisters for whom we would never return to see to our(ours) Rooster of that so much time we had taken care in order that It (He, She) was growing big, not We wanted to seize it, it(he) was felt sorry for to me.

-Apúrense bucks, us It (He, She) goes to do more in the night, we are not going to see in where they hide – he (she) said My dad.

I saw my seated mom In the middle of the court with a big pot, counting(telling) one for one the eggs that It (He, She) had joined to sell them, was tying them with the doblador.

To the fat hens we seize them Rapid; the rooster gargantón flew It (He, She) was doing below(down) and It (He, She) went out Running, It (He, She) seemed to know His (Its) destiny: to fatten the mean gentlemen. It (He, She) was shining It (He, She) struck its straight foot and It (He, She) was bleeding. My tired dad And I am a nuisance, It (He, She) called to Lopez, the dog that we had. This way, Between(Among) Lopez, Maria, Was Shining and my dad in awhile we take hold To the blessed rooster.

The darkness was invading Quite, my parents stopped arranging the load. Later we join To the shore of the burner, almost all contentments to sup on bean with tortillas Soft and atol I embitter. Very troublesome, It (He, She) did not know how to say to them to my Parents who wanted to travel and to know Jobel, on the verge of coming untied In weeping, my dad said to me:

-Apúrate to having dinner, already we go To sleeping, you do not think that we are going to take you, you are not going to be able to come, ¿ you believe(create) that It (He, She) is closely together so(then), the Jobel? Besides we will not be able to take care of you, we have Many load.

- I began to scream. To my I caused dad a pity, it(he) remained awhile thoughtful, Then he (she) said:

– It (He, She) has dinner so(then), buck, you we go To going. Ah, but if you cannot walk we are going to leave you wire drawing, or you remain since (as) young boy of the half-caste ones on having listened to these words I was glad, I stopped having dinner very satisfied.

My sister María, her(it) more Grandecita he (she) asked:

-Papi, when they return? What they are going to bring us for us, clothes, toys, fruits or what?– I believe that my dad did not listen.

This night we rest a bit More early. The load remained ready(clever) in the corridor of the old woman House.

We get up at two o'clock of The dawn. Almost I did not sleep for the emotion of knowing the great one City. My mom got up first to prepare coffee and Pozol. After drinking something, my dad joined a bunch of Ocotes, he (she) ignited and said them:

-Vámonos, that God us bendiga– We go out of the house, already out, my dad recommended my sisters:

– Maria, they take care to the animals, They do not go to pelearse, him(her) they give of eating to the chickens, we return in the evening – my Mom stressed the same thing.

Between(Among) forests and mountainous countries, Scarcely we saw the way with the fire of the ocote that was bringing my Dad; for me everything was a happiness, was listening to the words Of my parents, on having returned they would possess(rely on) some cents and the things That gave motive to the trip.

I was walking in front of my father, Without feeling the cold for the emotion, I take off, illuminating my suit Target, chuj grey and my red strip. My dad His (Its) costal of Wheat in the back, next to His (Its) chest(breast) was hanging the net of the pozol and on His (Its) other one(another,different) Arm both hens. My mom with His (Its) blouse and muffler white, nagua Dark blue, red and barefooted strip with half a bundle of wheat, below(down) of His (Its) arm The Miguelito, more above(up) the tol of eggs, also between(among) his (its, her) arms The rooster gargantón. This way we advance.

On having crossed the hill Xk’ib, Already It (He, She) had happened(passed) the dawn, it was dawning; also the worst fears, According to the grandfathers, for this great hill it(he) was turning out to be great Negro sombrerón, there was eliminating many people, the travelers They were not stopped(detained).

– Already one sees better in order that It (He, She) extinguishes The ocote? – my dad asked.

– if, already one sees, extinguish it - It (He, She) answered My mom.

Already without fire to illuminate The way, we start feeling the heat of our bodies, continue advancing To come early and to sell well the things that we were bringing. My parents They began to remember. For where we were happening(passing) the dad fell ill Of my dad and my mom was chicoteada for breaking a few eggs.

For the weight of the load prefirieron To keep silent not to get tired. Silently we walk hour after hour(o'clock), before coming To Ik'al nabil to my mom the arms got tired him(her).

-Pedrito, kid ... help me Awhile with this rooster, you seize it well, you are not going to give up it for favor - me he (she) said.

I took hold to the rooster between(among) My arms, very satisfied, but suddenly it was shaken and I had fear, it I gave up totally; my mom, on having seen that the rooster was travelling between(among) The mount, rapid His (Its) load, my dad went down also, While the rooster was singing between(among) the bushes. We pursue it up to catching it.

We walk of new bill, to To come to the Ik'al na’bil, we were full of mud, you upset we were distinguishing Between(Among) the trees and bushes; my dad went forward, I Behind with my mom listening to his (its, her) moans of weariness. Also I was exhausted, it was the first time that was travelling this distance. My dad It (He, She) crossed a creek, on having seen the crystalline waters him(her) It (He, She) had a mind to drink, It (He, She) approached the shore of the creek and lowered His (Its) load, with his (its, her) hands It (He, She) took the water.

– It (He, She) lowers your load and takes a bit of It (He, She) waters down, then him(her) you give of sucking Miguelito - my dad said.

My mom did not lose Time, It (He, She) lowered His (Its) load, several times were cleaned the sweat with I muffle, It (He, She) approached the creek, washed his (its, her) hands, took water, And later the face was washed, approached my dad:

– It (He, She) lacks(is absent) to us enough, truth? Ojalá That we bandage well the things.

– since we wait for it; yes, Still(Yet) we are absent very much, woman.

I bored nothing wanted, I appear of exploding in weeping for the pain of the weariness. My parents decided To take the pozol, scarcely was lighting the Sun, the first beams were getting confused With the colors of the trees.

After drinking our(ours) Pozol, they gave me to load the net of eggs and we continue walking other hours. In Ch'ailal tojtik I gave up my first weeping. To this place already they were coming The atajadoras, who were snatching and badly they were paying the products of the travelers Indians, principally eggs and chickens, to resell them in Jobel's square(seat). We spend(pass) this first place, I was asking God that someone should come with Such of selling the tol of eggs that was going in my back, but It (He, She) had not Nobody. We continue walking. Later my dad was detained, one saw some You present, they approached him(it) and him(her) they asked:

– There is eggs, dealer? How much They cost the chickens? – my parents lowered his (its, her) charges to teach(show) them. I I was useful to sit down and to rely a bit, it yes, continued Crying. Only five cents were giving for every egg, for the pain and Weariness that we were feeling they decided to finish off His (Its) goods, sold The fat hens and the eggs.

Already It (He, She) did not want to walk, It preferred remaining sat, by then it(He, She,I) was crying incessantly, my dad he (she) said to me:

– I said to you that you should not come, because You might not walk so much, but your you wanted to come, now you have to continue; If we do not leave you with these half-caste – stronger I began to cry, I gave to my mom a pity, one spoke to me with tenderness:

– it is a lie, already we are going to come... Other one walks few kid and you will know Jobel and we are going to buy you Your sweet when we come.

I stopped crying and continued Travelled. My parents reduced a bit the weight to his (its, her) charges, already in His (Its) net They were bringing the first stingy well cents. To our step we find More buyers. To the rooster gargantón they did not want it To sell, there believed that on having come to the Jobel's central square(seat) they were going to pay A bit more.

When I saw the first houses Of the great city I did the effort to bear the weeping, already he (she) was not feeling My feet therefore pain and It (He, She) was bleeding for the fingers, to travel six leagues was too much For my eight years. One saw my parents bathed in sweat, Finally we enter to the city.

We come to Jobel's center, My parents lowered his (its, her) charges and to the rooster. Immediately several persons came To asking for the wheat, they were paying very cheaply and my dad did not want to sell. There I saw for the first time selling and travelling other aborigens With different clothes of Tenejapa, Chamula, Chenalho '. After the good one While appeared a fat old man, the buying dealer of wheat. My dad One cheered to see it, it was a mercantile assurance, the old man approached, he (she) asked.

– You bring wheat, dealer?

-Yech - said my dad - here This the triko.

-Llévalo to my house so(then,since), Already you know that I pay well.

My dad did not think it Two times, It (He, She) loaded the costal without asking how much him(her) they were going to pay, It (He, She) took me, though me to stop It (He, She) wanted, but for to know Jobel I did The effort to accompany it, us fuímos behind of the dealer For an alley in the neighborhood of the Cerrillo. In an old house of adobe And tiles measured the wheats, paid five cents to him(her) for liter of wheat, in Followed(Continued) the mercantile old man brought a sandwich for us, a few(some) doubled of Beans with eggs, I ate tastily for so many hunger, even It (He, She) wanted More; my dad did not eat, guarded the his(yours) thing to share it With my mom. When we return with her(it) they divided it and it they ate. Later I got cross for the weariness, besides they were not buying me At all since they had promised me; only It (He, She) was rolling over to seeing of a side How the half-caste children were eating, it seemed to other one that quite(everything) It (He, She) was of them, sweet, fruits were eating, them everything what they were asking were bought by them, While to me only water was doing in the mouth.

My dad said to him(her) to my Mother:

– we are going to see what we have that To buy and we take your rooster, which such that there we bandage mas rapidly.

– It (He, She) is bién, vámonos – my mom said.

We join our nets and begin To walking, to seeing the salt, the chile and other things, only asked prices. I was pulling the nagua of my mom, had very much fear of getting lost In this great city. Prices remain asked, but we were not buying At all, everything was very expensive, a missis saleswoman(selling) of pineapples(pine cones) he (she) asked for the rooster, offered a weight, but my dad wanted One weight and a half, they gave to him(her) a weight with two cents. They sold the rooster gargantón, Spoiled(Consented) of us. Us they gave a slice of pineapple(pine cone) to each one, I was glad in this moment, up to(even) one forgot the weariness and Pain of my feet, he (she) was enjoying my sandwich. Miguelito, the smallest, It (He, She) did not know anything, only they had it between(among) the arms, every time That was crying they were giving him(her) of sucking, It (He, She) was not even worrying.

We continue walking, finally We buy little salt and fruits with her(it) he (she) pays of our rooster, but It (He, She) was lacking(absent) The chile. We walk more and find chiles wooer and cheap, they asked Three, four and five measurements, now it had him(her) to pay to my dad, with The money of the eggs and the fat hens and he (she) pays her(it) of His (Its) wheat; It (He, She) began To registering His (Its) net where he (she) had guarded it, he (she) was not finding the money and It (He, She) was looking for it for all sides, good was agreing itself that he had it tied in A plastic, but It (He, She) was not appearing.

– Sigh, mine(my) God, does not go to be That already you lost! Sigh, mine(my) God, where you guarded it! Remember Well - my mom was begging(requesting).

My dad started sweating And It (He, She) continued searching, but he (she) was finding nothing, finally It (He, She) realized that it They had stolen. My mom was crying of courage, my angry dad, Nervous and worried, for so many sufferings to raise the chickens, to join The eggs, to come up to Jobel... They did not buy what they had foreseen; They had thought to buy me the first couple(par) of sandals for the effort that I did to come to Jobel, but everything was in bucket.

At eleven o'clock in the morning, Tired, sad and angry, already we did nothing. One saw my mom To walk between(among) the multitudes of the square(seat), tears of sadness were rolling him(her). My dad realized and became sadder. They decided to happen(pass) to To free his (its, her) sorrow(sentences) to the temple of Santo Domingo, to ask God for the pain Of His (Its) suffering. This way I knew the church more nice of Jobel. On having entered my parents cried very much, gave to me a pity, We kneel opposite to the altar, I was surprised on having seen the gigantic murals Gilded, the image of Santo Domingo of covered(overcast) Guzmán of flowers was getting confused With the blessed words of my parents, they were asking the quite powerful God On the pain of His (Its) sufrimineto, reflection to the person who did her(it) Evilness, which does not turn it to do because It (He, She) damages very much to the persons, that There move away the diseases of the family, of his (its, her) animals, of remembering and to respect To the mother land, to the father the Sun, at the same time the small ones were languishing Candles that we ignited.

This way, opposite to the image Of Guzmán's Santo Domingo we weep and vent the great weight of our(ours) Suffering. On having gone out we seize our nets and purses, come back to our(ours) Old woman Muk'ta's osil marries, already without load ... nothing of cents, afresh(again) We happen(pass) to take our pozol in K'uk ' tojtik.

Later we continue walking Hour after hour(o'clock) almost without speaking, remembering(reminding) the emotion of the morning When we were walking loaded as beasts. Some whiles my dad It (He, She) took me loading because I already could not, up to coming to our(ours) Humble hut at about seven o'clock in the night. Maria and It (He, She) Was Shining, to To see that we were approaching they became very satisfied, up to the putting of The Sun they had been done to the idea of everything what we would take them, But they saw our suffering. My mom crying It (He, She) explained to them The happened, the girls also became very sad. We come Falling down of weariness and with sadness that was consuming us Soul. Scarcely we ate a little my mom and I and fuímos to going to bed; My dad decided to rest without taking food, only he (she) was wondering Likewise, for what poor they suffer more, ¿ It (He, She) will be That God like that wants?



Enrique Perez López


Sat I ponder here, saint Grandfather,

For the side of the way I wait for you:

Trepidante soul of warlike child

It (He, She) longs abrazarte, to have consolation.

Deep heart, bird In flight,

From foot I expect for the eternal companion,

Deep fingerprints I count, do not lose hope

Tireless I search your shade, grandfather.

Message delivered already between(among) the shades

Pale face, in the court Sat

You prepare your final trip, name me.

It (He, She) delivers your fatigued spirit,

Your body will rest in penumbras,

Your voice under the land, already buried.

Mansion of jaguar

You grew always chasing(prosecuting) Sky,

Extensive roots sustained you

- your spirit in the cold Intense they moderated-

Eternal mansion of the Gentleman(Master) of Soil.

Tzonte ’ vitz of the jaguar you are I console,

Real spirits surrounded you,

Distant travelers already admired you,

Begging(Requesting) there comes that of the nearby(near) soil.

Feet sangrantes manage to beg you,

They gasp to find the original prayer,

Your children want to revere you today.

The soul delivers already the earthly body,

In the cold winter It (He, She) wants Abrazarte,

It (He, She) looks in you for the light of the way Final..

Celebrator of holidays(parties)

From a lot of time with me It (He, She) comes,

It is not written, of child I have caught,

My spirit to the wind it is Shouted

With my voice the free air entertains(delays).

Humbled of knees today It (He, She) has me,

My name must remain based,

The life to contributing (paying) I have prepared,

The festive cargo re-is convenient(re-agrees) for me.

Flowery excellent heart,

I walk with the very haughty face,

I will revere the omnipresent one.

My dance will be the great attraction,

The worry will be It (He, She) stays away,

When my inactive body stays already.

Masters of the rain

Impressive look you raise to land It (He, She) warms

Abdomen inmisericorde calcined(bothered) of Heat,

You deny piety to my companion, Only pain,

My body you fatigue in the cruel evening And ardent.

Already the painful epoch happened(passed) Of low water,

It (He, She) irritates I wait already for your voice, your movement

It (He, She) announces the rain, the land only It is a suffering,

The thirsty hearts search Sea-current.

It (He, She) assembles your tears With the small one Itzan tun,

Take pity on you, one sees the dry hands Of my soul,

The final day comes, says Heart in calmness,

It (He, She) shakes your body, oh sacred hill Balun tun.

Bird color of freedom

An instant of mad gabble Of the sky

he (she) donated the man a chunk Of His (Its) blue mantle,

Lit It (He, She) stayed between(among) the branches With His (Its) singing,

Being mixed in the cold one Fog to looking for consolation.

Wings furrow the cold air that They show His (Its) faculty(power),

Deep dreamy heart His (Its) singing enlists,

Of the captivity he (she) flees, avoids the indiscreet one Sight(Seen),

he (she) wants to enjoy the air, to fly At liberty.

They accompany him(her) the mornings And evenings of tempest,

Between(Among) oaks and peñazcos It (He, She) passes His (Its) existence,

he (she) enjoys the life His (Its) great benevolence:

Chunk of blue sky, bird color of Freedom.

Slow death

Tremulous face you begin to show with Sadness,

Tearful eyes of the incendiary smoke,

Blood that spills and dries to diary,

Soul that dies full of sluggishness.

Birds you change fear, with infamy

They accompany the rash pain;

Rio, covered(overcast) canoe of shroud

Lizard that cries without His (Its) fierceness.

Zenzontle drowned(suffocated) in the penance,

Lives that still(yet) they do not know for What they die,

There are voices that they sing with diligence;

Insensitive men that sólos They are hurt

They will not see the eternity of His (Its) Essence,

Fleeting breath: it is what they prefer.


Seed in the deposited land,

Ardent fire, night fertility,

Abdomen that offered His (Its) sensibility,

New offering in His (Its) interior spilt.

Useless struggle to be started(extracted),

Segar his (its, her) eyes to seeing the clarity,

To separate His (Its) body with hostility

Vain intention with time Annulled!

Deep roots support His (Its) Reason,

It (He, She) resists today with tender permanency,

Already nothing can damage His (Its) heart.

His (Its) word of defenseless appearance,

he (she) dances to the wind, he (she) cheers he (she) sings with Tenacity,

Impetuous force of our patience.

Negro: celebrator of the carnival

Drums and flutes call your future,

Flowery words fill your mind,

Of the big gentlemen I conspire,

Petitions name your body Present.

The carnival they announce you, it(he) is sure.

The holiday(party) will do Passion Projection,

The chosen essence is of more I mature,

It (He, She) will help the Sun, great soldier.

Smut will cover your face for Badly,

Ulularás which(who) pukuj To His (Its) farce,

Inviting the very informal people:

Essence of the holiday(party) is your extra,

Negro: happiness of aspect Ghostly,

Dance and theatre that the carnival connects.

About the authors

Josías Lopez Gómez

He was born in the Navel of the World, land of the men of maize.
Sower of words, of the first words of his forbears.

Juana Karen Peñate Montejo: She was born in the year of 1979 in Tumbalá, Chiapas' municipality, From the six years She had the worry(restlessness) of playing with the words, transforming them In singings for the nature.

Ruperta Bautista Vázquez

Between (Among) the look of the Sun and the moon, with the cold vientecillo of her In the dawn, in a veitisiete of March. She was born in the Hueyzacatlan's former valley, Today San Cristpóbal of The Houses.

Nicolás Huet Bautista

He was born with pure soul, heart he cheers; as the limy whiteness of the hill (Huixtán), later wrapped(involved) In the misery, but stepwise he explored the life, the love and the writing Of the word.

Enrique Perez Lopez, 1964. Chenalhó, Chiapas, Mexico.

They say that I was born in the dawn, On the sixteen of the month of o'lalti ' (April, with months of 20 days), Bill of the calendar Maya - tzotzil; singing of the rooster was the welcome. The stars They were closing already his eyes, the light of the Sun strengthened my soul; words of The men bat entered to my heart and my mind. The sotz'il Vinik antz (men and women bat) they saw me to grow, they expected To bloom my heart. My spirit writes words, paints the thought Of my people (village), for the air that I breathe, I am grateful.

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