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Cati Laporte
shares a unique collection of her fake stamp art. Cati shared her work with many of us at the SCAN'94 Conference in Philadelphia this past August. Definately some awesome work.

David S.Hull
shares some of his digital paintings.

Dave Nation
shares some of his sculpture works in many different media.

a Emailed Image Collaboration between Keven Sawad Brooks and Bob Anderson.

Enrique Vega Artist-Metalsmith
Journey into Vega's architectural & public art work which includes custom details such as railings, stairs, and gates, as well as furnishings and art pieces. Enrique takes a hands-on approach to his craft, from project development and computer design through actual creation and installation of the artwork.

Enfolding Perspectives
Internet Art show by Simran Singh Gleason

Erico Menczer: "A Man with the Umbrella"
Erico Menczer is a painter, photographer and cinematographer from Rome, Italy. His home page is maintained by Filippo Menczer who is currently at the University of California at San Diego ( This is a gallery containing his biography and some of his works, both paintings and black&white photographs.

Hilary Rhodes
has a space in Australia where she is showing some of her digital works...

Horror, Fear, and the Grotesque in Art
by Andrew C. Tong

John Welker
a writer, poet, philosopher and artist. He illustrates from what he perceives is reality and converts it, through a Surrealist manner, into an intricate and awkward piece baffling yet amusing to the viewer's eye.

Mari Broenen - Fine Artist
Explore the offerings and talents of Mari Broenen - abstract painter. Mari resides in the Santa Cruz, CA mountain area and has recently established a new studio where she creates her work. Her paintings are receiving attention in art circles, and starting to become popular amoung collectors of abstract art.

Paul Wiegand
is an artist in Lancaster County Pennsylvania and works in watercolor, oil and woodcuts. He is striving to cature the farmland life in thte Southeastern Pennsylvania area before it is lost to development.

"Putrid Afterthought,"
Antonio Medoza's Digital Art Gallery at Underground.Net features an extensive collection of digital collage. to quote: "Putrid Afterthought is what is seen when one stares into the double-barreled shotgunned cesspool of hyperreality. View at your own risk. May cause irreparable libidinal damage.

Skai Fowler
Photographs of master paintings superimposed on self portraits

Strange Interactions
Internet art show by John Jacobsen

the place
The place is a WWW site created and maintained by joseph squier. It is an experiment in how contemporary artists can create electronic artworks and distribute them within a virtual community.

Tom Jack
exhibits "The Conscious, Waking State" which is a collection of awesome poetry and some art by Mary Vollero.

Walter S. Arnold
shares some of his sculpture and stone carvings. He's carving limestone, marble and pixels.

Walter Lieberman
is a Seattle artist and this is a show of selected images of glass paintings and glass sculpters.


Virtual galleries as well as real galleries that happen to be online

has various studios and gallery rooms that are curated by artists who are showing their works. This site is dedicated to helping artists come up on the Internet and helping them to share their art via the World Wide Web.

is an interesting virtual gallery space that features many different types of Internet art...

is a student-maintained on-line art gallery at UCSD and is a virtual artspace showing the undergraduate and graduate artists' work there.

is a place that is currently showing "The Last Words of Dutch Schultz" and and exhibit by Heath Bunting.

The aarT Gallery and Drux Gallery at Wimsey in Vancouver, B.C.; maintained by Kent Barrett.

is pleased to announce the opening of their new WWW server. (Art)^n is the inventor of PHSColograms (Virtual Photography), a unique, full color, 3D display medium, which can be viewed without 3D glasses. You can find out about PHSColograms, the History of (Art)^n Laboratory, and how PHSColograms work. There is also a gallery of over 250 images, drawn from (Art)^n's collaborative works with artists, scientists, and mathematicians.

a graffiti art gallery, features wall art from the U.S. and the Czech Republic. These elaborate, spraypainted pieces are fresh off the street and shockingly good. See guerrilla art worth being arrested for.

hosts works by various artists who are sponsered on the Web by the Internet Presence Providers.

is a volunteer venture of a group of metalsmiths and organizations who strive to discuss and disseminate information concerning various aspects of working artistically with metal. Current exhibitions of individual artists work are always on display in the ArtMetal Gallery.

is a workshop and gallery for electronic art sited in Oslo, Norway. 27 professional artists work here within the realm of electronic art.

located on, this unique art site offers really powerful moving images in a almost cartoon fashion. "Now that art has died, and the audience has withered away, we find ourselves free of two dead weights. Now, everyone is some kind of artist, and the audience has regained it's innocence, we now have the ability to become the art we experience." (quote from the site)

shares works from their Bali Collection...

is currently featured at the new Florida International Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida.

is a new art site on the Web featuring the work(paintings,poetry,&fiction) of Jan Marica.

specializes in providing a wide selection of original oil paintings, limited edition serigraphs, lithographs and sculptures from artists around the world.


Auctions of art that have found their way to the Internet and WWW.

Raymond Loewy was an American Industrial Designer (1893-1986) and helped create the profession of the industrial designer. This exhibition displays images and information about the Raymond Loewy Archives that are to be auctioned in France June 10, 1995. The entire archive will be auctioned off and offers museums, historical institutions and interested parties a unique opportunity for both research and development of exhibitions.



is a Zine that is published on the web as well as in hardcopy. The new 4th issue is out now and it covers a wide area of topics including the arts.

Art resource lists

has various studios and gallery rooms that are curated by artists who are showing their works. This site is dedicated to helping artists come up on the Internet and helping them to share their art via the World Wide Web.

is a gathering point for networked resources on Art and Architecture. The content is diverse and includes pointers to resources around the net as well as original materials submitted by librarians, artists, and art historians, etc.

is a multimedia cultural information service.

at wimsey's ANIMA

is a international resource for state-of-the-art media education and production. This is a non-profit educatonal corporation and they offer an Internet Course series that covers the basics of getting around to web authoring on the Internet.

The New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA) now has a new resource for artists and others on the Web. NYFA is one of the largest funders of artists in all disciplines in the country and provides a host of other funding, management and information services for artists and their organizations in New York State and across the nation. Arts Wire, the national on-line network for the arts, is just one of the Foundation's many programs. Learn about the fellowships and residencies available for artists, discover how your project could be sponsored by the Foundation and what fiscal, management and information services are available.

Stock Photography on the net...

is a place in East Palo Alto, CA that offers the local community a place to go where they can surf the net. It is also a space that is available to people (of all ages) who want to participate in various projects that involve the creation of stories and art, and a whole lot more. Definately a place for budding artists. :)

contains art information for Santa Cruz County for both the artist and the art enthusiast. The index contains a listing of local art spaces (museums, art galleries, restaurants, and other exhibition space) in the Santa Cruz area.

Organizations and Museums

This is a place that facilitates the collaboration between artists at the Syracuse University and others located across the Internet.

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The Visual Resources Curator of the Department of Art at Appalachian State University would like to announce the on-line Rosen Sculpture Exhibition. The ROSEN EXHIBITON is located on the Department of Art Homepage.

The Algorithmic Image Gallery is now open on a experimental image server at the Physics Institute of the University of Bari in Italy.

The Anecdote Gallery

Art Gallery

Pearl St. Online Gallery

SU Art Projects

Cirque Art Projects

Fine Arts at Mount Allison University

The Electric Gallery

HypArt - The Project

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