Native Languages

Oklahoma Native Voices Project
Native American Languages
Preserving Zuni Language With Computers
Public radio story for National Native News by Catalina Reyes
Guyana tries to save indigenous languages
Native Fonts

Other Native Language Resources on the Internet

Raven's Tsalagi (Cherokee) Page
Hawaiian Language Program at UH Hilo and Ernie's Learn to Speak a Little Hawaiian
Maori Language (New Zealand)
Ojibwe Language and Culture
Oneida Indian Language Project

Related Language Resources on the Internet

The Human-Languages Page by Tyler Jones
Ethnologue: Languages of the world. Twelfth edition, Barbara F. Grimes, ed. 1992
A database of Indigenous and other languages from the Summer Institute of Linguistics (SIL)
University of Michigan Linguistics Archive
The Conservation of Endangered Languages at the Centre for Theories of Language and Learning

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