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We, indigenous peoples are more than just present, but are rebuilding our societies for the next 500 years of justice and liberty. We believe that it is crucial that all indigenous people come together to analyze what we have accomplished up until now. Our beliefs have been negated for so long; others have spoken for us and have imposed their political ideologies upon us. We must now come together in order to build a more just society, based on the rights of each group, no matter how small, to choose our own destiny. We are very conscious that the struggle for justice will not be achieved by Indian people alone. An alliance with other oppressed sectors is necessary. However, this alliance should emerge from an atmosphere of respect for our differences.

There are approximately 40,000,000 people in latin america and the Caribbean that belong to the almost 600 indigenous peoples of the continent, many of whom are in Mexico, Peru, Guatemala, Bolivia and Ecuador. According to World Bank figures, 12.76% of the entire American population and approximately 40% of the rural population is indigenous.

In 2000 it was estimated that there are between 6 and 7 million of natives living in Central America (people with one African Caribbean or mestizo parent were also taken into account). The languages and cultures that are called "Mesoamerican" stretch from Yucatan and Chiapas (Mexico) to Matamb˙ on the Nicoya Peninsula (Costa Rica). The Mesoamerican ethnic groups occupy the highlands and lowlands of PetÚn in Guatemala and are scattered on the territory of Honduras, El Salvador and Nicaragua.


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