Cham dances often depict incidents from the life of Padmasambhava, the 9th century Nyingmapa teacher, and other saints. The great debate of the Council of Lhasa between the two principal debators or dialecticians, Moheyan and Kamalasila is narrated and depicted in a specific cham dance once held annually at Kumbum Monastery in Qinghai.

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Kangxie Dance

The Kangxie Dance of Tibet is a very unique folk dance performed by both by Tibetan men and women folks accompanied by stringed instruments. This dance is usually showcased during festivals, functions and public gatherings. It is very popular in the region of Qinghai, Gyangze, Batang and Qamdo. While the opposite sexes sing to each other expressing their feelings, they dance in tandem to the tune swaying their hands gracefully.

Dances in general have been very popular in Tibet since time immemorial, especially folk religious and sorcerer's dance. It is worthwhile mentioning that nearly every Tibetan knows how to sing and dance. And most of the dances are influenced by nature and surroundings, with dances for every occasion.

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